Opinions on low cp mons in gyms from high level players?

So I always tend to put fairly powerful pokemon in gyms, though I gauge it on location. But I’ve seen plenty of level 40s round my area just adding low cp pokemon like sentret or ratatta in. Even had one level 40 turn up as I just too a gym and added a 3200 shiny dragonite (yes I was showing off a little) and dump a 42 cp luvdisk… honestly i hate it, it takes space in gyms and makes them easy to take so you don’t even end up getting coins. I just want to see what other people think on the matter or if you do it why? I’ve heard some reasons but none I can really excuse from high level players.


To be honest I dislike it as well. The only way I can rationalize it is that perhaps putting a weaker pokemon increases gym turnover. I’ve seen trainers and have in fact been in the situation where i’ve had a pokemon sit on a gym for days. Even with motivation at it’s lowest nobody bothered to take it. In cases like that putting your strongest pokemon on a gym not only denies you from being able to use it in raids/battles it also deters players from taking on a gym especially if you’re in an area where there are not that many people. Of course this is all speculation and it could just be to troll or some other reason…


I dislike any low cp mon in gym no matter theme. High cp should always be dropped in gyms is my motto.


I can get that reason for sure but gym turnover in my town is almost guaranteed to happen in 24hrs. I know it’s probably just trolling but I’ve heard it can stop people from getting gym experience?? Not sure if that’s true but if it is it’s a dick move…

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3300 or 1500 doesnt really matter. If the gym is attacked 3 times its still going down. The advantage of low CP pokemon is that they dont drain CP as fast, so they still need to be attacked 3 times after 10 hours. That 3300 Rhydon is gonna get kicked out after 1 fight when hes stood in a gym for 5+ hours.

I (level 40 myself) usually place stuff in the 1000 - 2000 CP range in gyms cause they dont drain fast, and i dont need to revive them. I use my higher level defenders only when i plan on actually feeding it golden razz to defend the gym. For example before a raid, or when i really want to get the gym gold.
If someone places something in it thats to low, i just dont feed it. as simple as that.


Again I get that I’m more talking <500 co terrible Pokemon

Well im placing magikarps in them now cause i need the candys. They dont go over 220 CP but i consider it a good thing for the community cause then other players from my team can feed it and get candys for it aswell.

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Mmm that’s fair point but realistically how many candies can you get from feeding berries?

If I remember correctly i think it may have been around 1 out of 100 berries fed. Regardless the chance is still there. You may get lucky on your first berry or get nothing after 100.

I suppose I’m just of the mindset that it would still leave the gym more vulnerable and if it’s kicked, people can’t give it berries anyway. Also I would much rather be getting chancy or larvitar candies.

Low af. Probably happened to me 3 times in my life and + you probably wont notice the berry giving candy cause you dont usually get it.

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I typically put in my good CPs–a few specific guys in the top rows for gyms I’m trying to get to gold, and guys that are lower but above 2K for gyms they are already gold (to save the big CPs for the need-gold group). However, there are two situations where I’ll drop a lower CP:

–Sometimes the gym has a fun pattern (e.g., all shinies, the Eevee family, etc). To follow the pattern, I may need to drop something small, such as a Pichu in a Santa hat to keep the “Pikachu family with hats” theme going.

–Sometimes I do a “drive by dropping”. Hubby is driving past a gym that has a spot open. If I’m fast, I may be able to drop something in. I usually can’t choose, though–it’s whatever I hit first, which will often be a small guy if my box happens to be sorted by Recent at the moment.

Just wanted to share scenarios when someone might choose a low CP, for non-nefarious reasons… :slight_smile:


I know some high level players who have hit a dry spell for revives several times, so it’s quite logical for them to put Pidgeys and Weedles: they can simply transfer those upon return, while saving the few revives they do get from stops and gyms for the Pokémons they raid with.


Less Potions and Revives required to carry leaving more space for Balls and other useful items. Dump the rubbish you catch and transfer upon return.
There is absolutely no incentive to put good and high CP Pokémon in Gym. Everything is easily beaten, no Gym is Safe.


I think it’s fine

1 in 80 (on average). Ill take every candy i can.

Since the gym rework, all motivation for leaving high CP monsters is gone. I had almost finished an unbeatable Blissey in time allotted but then gym rework hit. All my hard work was for nothing because now anyone with even a little patience can kill my Blissey. Here. Kill this Pidgey instead.


What would make it unbeatable? Blissey is a pain, but easy to beat with the right counters. Even with the old gyms when gyms would be full of them, I never found one I couldn’t take down in the allotted time

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first of all what i put in my gyms depend on how many revives i got, if i have plenty i will make my enemys bleed with 40ish pokemons, if i run out i just put trash from 2 reason, one the ovious revive second i want enemy to attack me geez i even screaming for it, all that need to remain is that i put a sign on the gym with “pls gank me” why ? ,becuase i love to battle if i had infinite battery and endless power, i will go trough the entire world and battle every single gym and make it blue if i could ,unfortunly top defenders is 20 but i will defintly leave them grey, battle help develop speed of reacting and instincts and also it help me spend my crazy supply of potions ,hehe but seriously it a pure joy for me.

You would love for Go to have a battle system.

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