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Opinions on low cp mons in gyms from high level players?

defintly i live for pokemons battles, nothing give more joy in the game then gank pokemons :slight_smile: .

It’s not hard to catch a Pokémon over 1000 CP. If you are looking to dump garbage that’s fine, but there is no reason to olace bad Pokémon below 1000 unless it’s a baby Pokémon theme or something similar where low CP should be expected.

Some exceptions are good defenders like Chancey, Wobbuffet with high HP that are good defenders even if they have low CP.


I just got done dumping all my leftover Dratinis everywhere and now I’m dumping Chikoritas.

People who are low on revives and/or potions often do this. If they put in a pokemon they don’t care about, they can transfer it when it returns with coin, rather than using revives

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