Niantic Support ticket

I sent a support ticket in requesting if my team could be changed, I got this back.

"Miles (Pokémon GO)
Nov 6, 12:51 AM IST

Hello Trainer,

Thanks for writing in.

I understand that you want to change your team in the game. I am sorry but unfortunately, it is not possible to change your team at this time. We have passed along this popular feature request to our product team. They agree it is something we should do in the future. However, we are working on getting a few other big features out first so we don’t have an estimate on when changing teams will be possible.

If there’s anything else I can do to help, please let me know.

Niantic Support"

It didn’t reveal anything big, however the fact remains that they are aware that there is going to be a feature which allows you to switch teams (at some point) and that they are currently working on “big features” which, could be anything from Gen 3 up to abilities.


It’s interesting to me that they sent a personal email written by a human for something like that. Normally they only send personal emails under 3 circumstances:

  1. If your account got banned, and you want to appeal the ban.

  2. Spam emailing, where you essentially email 40 Times in 10 mins to get a human to respond.

  3. If you reply to the automated email multiple times.

Well, honestly I was surprised by this as well, I don’t know how to take a screenshot of it to prove it against people who will just say “FAKEEE !!!111!!!11!!”, but, I took the oportunity to reply with a bug report that I have had for a long time, will replying to the same email with the same info eventually get a response? Do you know? Cause this is the first time I have received a written email.

I know for a fact that they will respond if you do that repeatedly. I’ve done it multiple times with different requests, and it does guarantee a human response. They may not be helpful, but at least you know that someone has actually read and acknowledged your report.

Is it better to just respond to the same email? Or to spam support tickets?

When they send you that “thanks for sending this…” email, just reply with the same thing again. It usually takes an hour, 2 Hours But Someone will respond

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Allowing players to change teams would virtually eliminate instinct and probably valor as well. They each have pockets where they are big, but overall mystic has more players (and bots) in the game by a fairly wide margin.

I’m surprised that apparently no one at niantic could have foreseen this happening. Instead of allowing players to choose, they should have just been randomly assigned from the start. The more emphasis they put on teams, the more lopsided the numbers are going to be. If only the dominant team gets the rewards, then obviously everyone is going to join that team.

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Personally I don’t feel the need to change team.
I prefer to stay in team Valor than just going to a team which is bigger.
In this way I have a bigger chance to find a free spot in a gym or a gym to take over and get my daily coins.
To me joining the ‘biggest’ team has more negative points than positive ones.


Actually, I am on Mystic and wanted to switch to Instinct to make the game a bit harder. And true, I see it your way as well.


Me personally I would not join mystic just because they were a bigger team. Now I might join instinct just because I liked the description at the beginning. The reason I joined valor was because I like the color red and also because a friend of mine and his dad were also joining valor. After all is said and done I am not changing teams valor all the way.

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Basically, team Valor is the mediocre team among 3 of them. No significant superiority or inferiority can be observed from team Valor and this is the main reason I like team Valor the most. Hi teammate.:wink:

Could this topic provides you with some desirable ideas @Josh72112 ?

Birds will never go seeing as they are what started the legendary trio crave. We don’t need team changing ideas either. Max you’re acc an start over. I did… Lv40 mystic lv28 instinct.

My issue with the teams are during raids. Some useless mystic player who barely does any damage will get the team bonus and usually the gym control bonus as well and have possibly twice as many balls to catch the boss.

If I hear one more mystic say “what the hell, I only got 10 balls” while I have my usual 7-8…

Getting coins isn’t the issue it used to be since they made the gyms more fair (and added more) and took away the incentive to hold a gym for weeks at a time.

All that said, I’m not going to switch from instinct, first because I worked hard to get to lvl 37 and collect all these things and I don’t want to start over. second there is a little bit of a camaraderie when you meet fellow yellows out playing because you know you’re playing the game on the “expert” while some of the others are on “easy”.

There’s any more tips to make human respond to you @JoshHack?

That’s all I know, there are probably other things but that’s the main one.