New teams form in Pokemon GO

I’d like to see new teams form in Pokemon GO (Raikou ,Entei and Suicune team) replacing the team of legendary birds.

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I’d rather have Zapdos as my mascot than a dog with a cloud on his back…


Can’t replace Articuno, only would have Rayquaza over him.


Then maybe wait until the release of gen 3 with team Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza.

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I’d Be the team captain in an instant.

As legendary birds are over, there’s no need to keep the legendary birds team unchanged and it’s better to introduce new teams. It may turn out to be the solution of imbalance team members.

Maybe with new teams come the ability to change? Instinct players are great but on gyms, not so much…

At least team Mystic may not take over the area with the most amount of players.

I wish they would switch over to two teams, like Ingress does. That would prevent a lot of the imbalance regarding team instinct.

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You just hit the nail on the head. Maybe even by the mechanism of Niantic of changing thems to make sure all teams are equally fair.

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Teams aren’t equally fair, that’s how it is supposed to be. There is always going to be a strongest team, be it in sports, in academics or in gaming like pokemon go.

They aren’t going to change the teams to have different legendary Pokémon represent them, it doesn’t happen in the games or anime so why would they do it here?


I get your point, but Niantic can absolutely prevent from dominating team. If we are not able to choose team, but randomly selected to a team. There are not supposed to occur unfair teaming.

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If you were forced to go to a certain university, cheer for a certain sports team or vote for a candidate just to be even would be very upsetting. Niantic would be foolish to do it.

Why do the teams need to be equal? Even if they were even there is not a guarantee that an even number of players would show up to a raid to make a difference.


Hmm……What would you feel if all the gyms are taken over by team Mystic while you’re in team Valor? Do you know the reason behind trainers from team Instinct quitting the game ?

I 900000000000000000000% agree with @Thorend. It would be cool to have a team per Pokemon Type, However I still agree by like a billion points with @Thorend.

This is a Competition if Team Mystic wins by a billion points then oh well. That just means my Team Team Valor and those who play as Team Instinct just have to work a billion times harder the next time around.

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I’m in team Valor as well. In the same condition at raid, I can only see in total of 4-5 trainers from team Valor and Instinct among 20 trainers.

As @Elderscroller said, Ingress players are able to switch teams. Why Pokemon GO can’t!

On the other hand: According to one of the Hong Kong youtuber said, most of the spoofers are in team Mystic. If he is true, then team Mystic is a spoofer-dominated team, as spoofer are a kind of group always take advantage from tiny things. They will mostly choose team Mystic as it has got 49% of all trainers (stats taken from GO Hub)which is the best team. So I just saw you guys discriminating spoofers and called them ‘fools’. If not, that the one who are working so hard to ensure the game is fair are ‘fools’?

@Thorend please don’t blame me with my idea on adding new teams.

Sorry that @Law2010 I’m not stand by your side this time.

(Yoshi maybe dead):fearful:

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Replied to:“If you were forced to go to a certain university, cheer for a certain sports team or vote for a candidate just to be even would be very upsetting.” we’re not entering a competition, university or academic related things. We’re playing Pokemon GO! Games are supposed to be fun and entertaining!!!

If your answer is ‘go to play another games and shut your mouth’ then why don’t you quit the game first and concentrate onto your work? Maybe silly Yoshi to u

However I’m not a kind of just silly, foolish people. I’ve given evidence to you all even though a HongKonger can give reasonable suggestions to the Forum. Is that right @Law2010? About the posts of ‘New types of evolution adding into Pokemon GO’.

No one is saying that you can’t give reasonable suggestions. A lot of people, do believe that their ideas are significantly better, even if they negatively impact others. Your ideas are good, but I personally don’t see this happening.
Finally, many here hate spoofers with a passion and believe that they are the cause of everything wrong in the game. I don’t mind them at all, but many do for convoluted reasons.