Niantic responding to Law2010 about Pokémon Go Pokémon Centers


They are listening, now we wait.

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Trust me, they are not
We know Niantic’s work on GO fro 2 yeara now

:rofl: dont stomp on their hope.

it will be 4 years before they do it but better than what we got now.

edit- gotta be realistic sometimes. Go came out in 2016, its almost 2019 and rurals still best bet is to turn to spoofing than look for help from Niantic. :man_shrugging:t5: an email of an idea doesnt hurt no1


True :rofl:


There not listening
They also call it pink pokestops

This was basically the same response when I suggested they add Pokemart modules to increase items received, Pokecenter modules to increase number of healing items given per spin, farm modules for berries, or daycare modules to give some sort of buff to hatch eggs quicker.

His idea was Pink Pokestops which are Pokecentres.

@5GodLink I am starting to wonder maybe I should not have sent to Niantic in the first place.


@5GodLink I am also starting to wonder if I did anything wrong especially legally???

Seems like a generic response from a game support. Doesnt really mean they will add any of the suggested features.

They indeed might look into it, but I would not hold my breath if I were you :slight_smile:

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I should have just asked before sending. Especially since their are Similar articles in the forum.

You did nothing wrong. Niantic has alot to do, can’t be upset for trying now can you.

Your trying to help rural players, something that is needed in the game. I personally been here 9 months and been making topics and debating, discussing, arguing for my point to be proven.

Gotta put in time, can’t just expect it right a way.

in the words of @Thorend;

Continuing the discussion from I wrote to Niantic and they replied!:

Thanks, but I still should’ve asked before sending. I tend to be a person that does without thinking before hand or just whatevering stuff and doing anyways

I was gonna tell you not to, but who am
i to stop anyone from sending an email.

I am not the law here or the law of anyone.

My levels of depression and stress is strong right now.

Theres no reason for that. You got a respond.

What did you expect? them to say yes and do it asap. Thats not realistic. And tbh i already have many ideas sent, others such as @Branebs have sent ideas also.

Rurals do need help, but it been 2 years almost 3. This idea is good. I had it in february. I agree with it. Will it happen only Niantic knows

Now relax.

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So I won’t legally get in trouble because my ideas are similar and some same as others??? :thinking::thinking::thinking: