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I wrote to Niantic and they replied!

Anyone else have this?

What do you mean?

Where they wrote to Niantic and replied :sweat_smile:

I don’t think so. Otherwise, they would say something.

I sent another email to Niantic and got a reply, this time from Jorge. They are now aware of our ideas and we can only hope some of them get implemented soon. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I am not trying to be a naysayer but I want to urge everyone to timber their expectations. In a corporate structure like Niantic there are many levels that an idea will have to travel through before you can even be considered for implementation. The idea will have to go through the development team, the programmers, legal department, and if it to gets approved it will take a great deal of time before the programming is done, tested, and the idea gets implemented.

My personal assessment is that it could take upwards of a year before anything would happen. As there are many amazing ideas floating around I do hope that I had it picks up many of them, but I do want to make you aware of the process.


Well, how can they know our ideas if we don’t send emails to them? It happened before that some ideas by players were added in the game. I don’t have high expectations, I’m aware it’s hard to get through. But I tried my best and I hope for the best.


My idea of friends got added to the game😎

But @Thorend is right, not to get our hopes up and also not to spam Niantic. They have their own ideas and the way the game is going. SOME ideas are small enough for them to do quickly(raid button) and some will take much much longer. @Branebs you have many good ideas. Niantic might be a big company but they do what they please.

We can be happy they like the ideas, but it does not mean it will be added the way we want, it can be totally different.

It’s a double edged sword. (Good)Niantic has listened, (bad) they can take years to do what we want, or even change it entirely.


By all means continue to share the ideas, this will help drive and shape the game.
I was just sharing the process that these submissions go through so if he ideas don’t come about right away people would have a better understanding as why they didn’t happen right away.


Yes, we all know how slow Niantic is. We still don’t have POI submission.


As someone resently said (couldn’t find it), they do read this forum(or at least 1 guy).

More will start

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Thats assuming they actually care about what people want
But I still hope these ideas do make it into the game (especially legendaries in gyms)

We thought trading would never come and it did. So everything’s possible.

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Thats not a fan suggestion, thats a more than 20 year old mechanic that was even shown in the trailer
And they STILL messed that up with dust and IV reroll


I know that. I’m making a point that they are slow but eventually they give us new features.

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I wrote to Niantic again and they replied again!

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I wrote about these things:

  1. my Ursaring and my record for the longest time continuously defending a gym

  2. current gym system and how to improve it

  3. new way of getting PokeCoins

  4. Meowth Community Day

  5. PokeStop submissions

  6. Lucky Raid Pass.