Most disappointing EVOLUTIONS

Share your pics of your most disappointing EVOLUTIONS, it can be because of anything like cp or move set, I’ll start the ball rolling with this beauty

I’ll keep the Blastoise theme going. Wife caught the same one but it has watergun/hydropump. I’m stuck with this garbage. Plus hers was 4500 dust/power up :confused:

Yikes the blastoise seems to be the unlucky one in pogo :grimacing:

I’ve never gotten a Blastoise with a good move set either…Weird it keeps happening after almost 11 months…

Caught in the wild & minimum 80% IVs


Atleast you got the best move set possible for it, as for the cp that is insane :joy:

But that’s a female is super rare. Most of them are male. I was very tempted to involve a low cp female bulbasaur into venusaur. Cuz there is a seed on top of the flower is super cute

The most anti climatic of all: bad shiny haha.
Bad IV, bad cp bad moveset !

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All my Blastoise have had sucky evolutions :frowning:

Same here, blastoise, Riachu and scizzor won’t cooperate and give me the evolution I want :confused:

A Typhlosion with over 80% IVs but shadow claw and solar beam…

I decided to evlove my starter without raising him up, and now I have the lowest CP blstoise you’ll ever see :joy:

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Silly shiny Gyarados… also bad IV.

I have a shitload of sad evolutions.


Just evolved this after holding on to it for a little bit, hoping the 91% would be better than my 87%, i was wrong (87% has best moveset)

I have like 6 arcanines and none with a fire charge move, it is bulldoze, crunch or wildcharge bur never ever a fire charge move. Which is frustrating because they are quite rare here (i got them from a nest)

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My first slowing with this super weird moveset

I have a friend with the exact same problem he evolved his vulpix and ended up getting solar beam ?! There must be more of these random move sets

Solar beam isn’t superweird. In game you could get the abilty drought on ninetales which caused the solarbeam to hit in 1 turn exept 2. But here, I have no idea how that’s going to be feasable.

Took me almost a year to get enough Magikarp candy to evolve. Now I have a Gyarados with good IVs (80%+ I think) aaaaand Bite/Crunch combo. :weary:

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