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Most disappointing EVOLUTIONS

Those weird movesets are designed to surprise most of the common attackers. Most fire types will be battled by water so one with solar beam will do much more damage to a water attacker than fire moves.

Just like the ‘Hidden Power’ move. I love it! Its type can be almost anything. In my case it is Fighting:


Here are some of mine, the only two Machamps i have evolved, one 91% and the other 98% IV and one 96% Alakazam.

got a machamp with only metal moves and my brother has a cp 26 vileplume and 227 rydon

I have this Porygon 2 with 90% but only has CP 1430 and the same moves. I think he is worth to push him up.
Huh, and this forum is very strikt. By error I have touched again the heart in your post, so it was deleted. And now it doesn’t let me put it again.

I got this off of an incense believe it or not…and it was Go+ed…in addition, it is 0% ivs and 112 cp…completely crazy

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