MORE LEVELS in Pokémon go

Although I am only level 30, there are a few trainers in my raid group that just hit level 40 and just after that, this double XP event. I pity them so here I am asking Niantic for more levels. Like or comment if you agree.


Lucky eggs and Lures are basically redundant items once you’ve got to to L40.
At some stage they will have to make more levels but what will the XP value for each new level be? Some one in our local Discord has accumulated enough XP that he’s done L40 twice.
What I’d like to see is 5Mil for each level after L40 untial you get to L45 or even L50 than it goes up by another say 2.5Mil for the next 5 or 10 levels than it jumps to 10 Mil and so on.


The more xp required the better bc it’ll keep them grinding for awhile

This is my point of view if you are interested, but yeah, they will be forced to do something, eventually.

There are plenty of lvl 40 players that still actively use lucky eggs to continue the grind. A lot of them also have 50million / 100 million XP plus.
Extra levels would be good & potential rewards for reaching them have discussed in another thread.
Personally I set the goal of getting to 20mill & now am looking forward to hitting 30mill & am not fussed that it doesn’t say I’m higher than lvl 40.

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