How to fix LV 40 and leveling (at least an idea)

Pokemon Go has a lot of things that need a rework, improvements, etc. But one especially… Level 40 or simply leveling.

As you reach level 38 you do not have anything that makes you play to level 40. Hours and hours of playing should be rewarded accordingly (yes, you get a lot of XP, stardust, etc playing that amount of time).

Instead of making the player reach higher levels it seems Niantic wants the player in lower levels. It could be a way of lowering the speed of the development. They won’t need to create more levels if the players keep being on 30s. The leveling curve (or curse) is insane, I am about to reach level 38 and in the late months I have been playing a bit less so maybe I could be a bit higher, maybe in 38. However the thing is leveling is hard and has no reward but it is not the main problem, the main problem is keeping this system. Imagine +5 Levels.… 5M XP each one? 10-15-20? Whatever. It is not realistic.


  • Exp. Share: an item for the late game. It could make the curve a bit more reasonable for everyone and Niantic won’t need to change the system in the future, also is exp. share, a classic, it should be in the game somehow.

  • Prestige: it would, in my opinion, be insanely funny (with a little rework for late levels). How it would work? So many ways. You could restart and encounter less powerful pokemon (you would keep yours at the same level), but maybe with better IVs, higher chances for a shiny Pokemon, and also a higher level cap available once you reach level 40 again.


I think exp. share is easier but prestige has a lot of advantages also you can introduce exp. share along with the prestige, even better. No more levels, no more complexity… If Niantic adds more levels it would need a new curve of EXP or they will create a monster. With a level rework most of 40 players will complain for easier leveling… I think prestige is the solution.

-With a reduction of the requirements and introduction of prestige both parts will be pleased, level 40 would achieve prestige 1-2 whatever, with good rewards, and 30s players will see level 40 easier and also they will have a motivation.

-With prestige Niantic won’t need to think about a way to introduce more levels, they simply redesign the 40 path in the prestige mode, maybe more XP needed and better, far better, rewards

I think the numbers are not interesting and the players who read this will understand the essence of the idea so I won’t waste time in balance.


Along with the Prestige method it could come so many things…

  • Some kind of Perks, easier shinies, higher IVs, faster leveling, the possibility of choosing the move of the TM, bonus items in pokestops, bonus items in raids… If I keep listing I won´t finish.

  • Better rewards once you reach a new level.

  • Special avatar or something like that.

  • One more incubator.

  • New items.

  • One more time the only limit is imagination, the main thing is the Prestige Idea.

To sum I think Level 40 problem is not a 2017 problem, it will be a 2018 problem, one more for Niantic’s list.

I would like to mention that I am not English so please tell me If you see something weird or a bad phrase structure.

Does anyone have any ideas for solving the LV40 problem?


I’m not sure that level 40 is really an issue. If you want to get there, you put in the effort, grind it out like countless others have & the “reward” is knowing that you’ve put in the time & effort to get there.
Along the way because you have to catch more Pokémon the chances of catching a shiny increase (although it’s not a certainty - take a look at Prodigies Nation still no shiny).
Personally I would hate to have to work my way up the levels to 40 again - I’ve done it once & I’m quite happy seeing my avatar in gyms with those in lower levels.
What would be good is for additional ongoing rewards once you reach level 40 such as;
a) unlocking raid bosses that only level 40 players can battle (perhaps like the ones they released in Japan earlier in the year (my reasoning is that more & more people will reach the level cap each month and can then unlock them also)
b) additional items from raids - super incubators, premium raid passes, random bundles of coins, additional bag or Pokémon storage space
c) higher level eggs (e.g 20/50100km eggs to hatch Unowns or perhaps regional or shiny mons.
On the whole though I don’t think too many people see getting to level 40 as a problem, but I do think most feel it should be easier (which I don’t agree with).
Just an opinion but thanks for sparking those ideas about additional rewards!


You’ve brought up a great point. I don’t think casual players will face this issue. Only a few players will care about it.
For most of the players (including me), we don’t consider reaching lev 40 as our objective. We could reach up to level 30 to unlock all items, as well as upgrading our Pokemon to max level.

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LV 40 is not a problem now but I am sure next year will be. The number or LV40 is growing in my area, next year they will become even higher and then Niantic could face a problem with players that won’t play as hard as before, less earnings, etc.

They are only a few now but in 2018 we can talk again and see… Also is a problem that Niantic will face sooner or later. If they add more levels that effort should be worthy, increasing pokemon CP? I don’t know, adding levels is a solution that I cannot imagine well implemented without a good rework of the system.

For me it is not a problem right now but next year I will reach LV39 for sure and I won’t get anything worthy for that, I am sure that most of the players will get tired as soon as they reach LV38 with the CP cap, and reaching level 38 next year will be very common I think the community should not underestimate that problem, also I am glad others agree rewards are ridiculous.

Well, if adding more levels after level 40 was considered, it wouldnt work, since eventually you would have to earn like 50 million exp, which i doubt someone will achieve anytime soon, and better things for levels 40 would only ignite frustration from smaller level players that cant get to level 40.

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You could also cap out the XP requirement to increase levels above 40 at 5 million for example, that way you know how much you have to get & it doesn’t become a ridiculous amount like 50 million.

Are you suggesting every level above L40 is always 5Mil?
I like that idea as while it may be a grind it’s still achievable and not defeatist like 10-20Mil would be.


Yep - means that anyone who wants it bad enough still grinds it out.


I have no desire for shared XP or to start over, I would at some point like to see the level cap raised, and would be agreeable to seeing each level being 5 million XP.

It would be awesome to be able to further level up some Pokémon, so as far as level rewards, a giant infusion of stardust would be nice, a million dust a level would be an incredible incentive for players to keep grinding past 40 (basically enough to max 4 pokemon)


There are also quite a few people who are simply hunters, people who don’t care about gyms, raids or getting to level 40 & just want to fill their Pokédex.
These people probably wouldn’t see getting to level 40 as a problem.
And you’re right, most casual players wouldn’t see it as an issue because they’re exactly that, casual.


Exactly! In casual players’ eyes, they put enjoying the gameplay in the very first place. Rushing to capture Pokemon, defend gyms and do raids to raise the trainer level are not their purpose of playing Pokemon GO.

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I agree but casual players are not the majority, 2gen was really short and some will return with 3gen but “low 30s” players will eventually face “high 30s” problems and they are the majority, I insist, next year 35 will be the average level (of almost daily players not hardcore ones) and 40s club will get bigger.

I am just saying that Niantic should find a solution before level becomes a problem, hardcore users will still pay for lucky eggs for example but what about the others? Will 38 players pay for something that gives so little benefit?

Anyway we’ll see. Thanks for the replies, I see there is a consensus that if level cap is increased the EXP required should be 5M. 5 levels will become 25M, 5M more than the required amount for level 40.

I am still thinking that better rewards with that requirements could be frustating for not-hardcore players. I will be Ok with that if EXP. Share is released and level up becomes easier. Better rewards and easier leveling is better than only one of them.

Starting over it’s funny as long as you get something as I have mentioned. It could be an another topic but in my opinion increasing Pokemon CP could be a bad idea. Now the gap between casuals and 30s is more like variety than CP, this is intended. The power up decrease is for that. Niantic does not want a great difference among its players. Casuals won’t play more so they will be stucked and others will get higher CP Pokemon than before…

You mention some rewards, If they introduce valuable ones I am sure the players will start leveling for them but 5M XP without any “help” is like a wall for the majority… Only a few will get it and I am pretty sure Niantic is not going to work for the benefit of a little part of its players. Anyway I would celebrate any progress in leveling rewards.

Niantic may add a trainer level medal to Pokemon GO.
Bronze medal - lv 20
Silver medal - lv 30
Gold medal - lv 40
Additionally, it works as a milestone to show how much effort has a trainer put.

(My idea): For those who have reached trainer level 40, you can enter the Gold Pokemon League. It’ll divide into groups of 20 trainers (worldwide). 1 week as an cycle, you will receive precious items according to your ranking (1-5 place).
The items could be:
Super incubator
Rare candy
Master ball
Golden berries
Additional pokeballs
Ex raid pass
I’ll further explain how the Pokemon League system (likely tournament) works.