Mewtwo is after Mew's quest?

Hello guys,

After finish the quests and catch Mew, what is next? Mewtwo?


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It’s Celebi in the next special quest. I think you get to start that already when you have completed some certain amount of the mew quest.

Celebi unlocks after you finish level 3 of Mew and thats it

Well, I’m doing both quests right now.
I’m doing Mew and Celebi’s quests at the same time.

Both are 6/8.

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After you have finished both Celebi and new quests, there is currently no more special research, @islavinia. You can obtain Mewtwo via the ex raiding system, where you can receive an exclusive raid pass by raiding at your local park or sponsored gym. This is the only way to get Mewtwo at the moment


How can I get an EX Raid Pass? Here’s a more detailed guide, @islavinia


Thanks guys.
Looks very complicate Mewtwo once the raid is already hard to find even for Ho-oh with 8 people.
Anyway if you have more info or already had experience pls share.



Mewtwo is an super easy raid… since there will be 10 to 20 or more people on that location on the time of the raid.
You just need to know what gyms give the ex-raid pass, since there are few. Just fight a Makuita or a Roselia there during the week, if you can, do more raids on that gym to raise the luck of getting an ex-raid for 2 weeks after.

Easiest way to get a Mewtwo right here!


Trade could a way but for very high Stardus’s price for both sides.
If it’s not your friend even more expensive.

No idea the price but I believe it will be more than 16K Since I did a special trade like that in 2016.

Ive done a four trainer vs Mewtwo. All four were 30-ish. Preset your Tyranittars, at least 2 groups if youre strong enough. Hit it with all youve got, once your first group dies, quickly rejoin with the second group. All four players must do this.

You should do it with 10-15 seconds to spare. Good luck!

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Trading just started. Send gifts daily, you can do a pre-contract promise to swap and do the actual swapping when its affordable.
Ive swapped Mewtwo twice.

mewtwo is an ex raid

You must also not face a Focus Blast Mewtwo, that thing shreds any 4 man attempts by anyone but pros

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