How can I get an EX Raid Pass?

Hello, everyone. I am asking if I can get an EX Raid Pass. All I know about EX Raids is that the Raid Boss is Mewtwo, the design of the EX Pass… but I want to know how to get an EX Pass.

Read the hub before posting This!

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Agreed, a quick search of Ex Raid would find a heap of topics and posts that has more than enough information.

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Just relax

Raid with at least 20 people at a Jio jym

20 PEOPLE?!?!?!?! Its possible with 8

Not in India bro…where I live most of the players are below level 30.

I am finding out how to get an EX Raid Pass in Singapore

As for Jio gyms, a single Kyogre attracts tons of spoofers, so you will be lucky to get anything, rather just raid at a nearby park with tons of others to trigger it
And in singapore, you might be out of luck due to how small it is and how few S2 cells are there

I have the same here - majority under level 30. The difference is that only 6 players live within my area

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