Mega Evolution, Mega Fraud


Mega Energy is a shame for make people to waste raid passes.

With Mega Stones is enough.


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I get that your at least a bit frustrated, but, 1. we are not Niantic

But, apart from that, I wonder how you would make mega stones work without it becoming broken

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The worst part of the current Mega evolve system is the Mega Energy or Mega Pingers as I call them are exclusive to the Pokémon.

Those that can’t exercise some self control will feel compelled to spending $$ to do as many Raids as possible on FOMO.

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I must admit, I’m one of those FOMO players… :blush:
And I’m not a big fan of the system as it is now, either.
It’s just way too obvious that its only purpose is to generate income for Niantic. Continuously raiding a Pokémon we don’t really want (who needs a Charizard, Venusaur,… without CDay attack?) to gain energy to temporarily strengthen one certain Pokémon of that species to use it… in another raid?

Don’t get me wrong. Megas are cool and everything. But they could have made some kind of compromise on that… I don’t know… Collect x Mega Energy for a certain species (given that the Mega Energy can be collected NOT ONLY through raids), Mega evolve it once with that energy and then get the specific Mega stone out of this. With enough restrictions (24h or longer cooldown per stone, only one Mega Pokémon at the time allowed,…) making the subsequent Mega evolutions of that species (not of that certain one Pokémon as it’s now) free does not sound too game breaking.
We can’t use them in Go Battle League anyways…


For me, forget them…

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I’ll try it out. I don’t expect to do mega much more than I don’t do battle league or pvp (or team go rocket).

I can appreciate the desire to spend as little as possible to play the game; but let’s get real – Pokémon Go isn’t written and maintained by a guild of volunteer programmers and artists. They have a legitimate need to generate a steady stream of revenue.

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As a rural player - heavily reliant on the 2 gyms I’ve managed to create in my village - the chances are that the current mega-evolvable pokes will be long gone well before me, the missus, and the cat have accrued enough super-energy-juice to even give it a try. :slightly_frowning_face:

Giving it more thought they must have some plan to be able to get Mega Pingers in some other way down the track.
How bad would the game be if the same Mega were permanently in the Raid pool? You need to get Mega Pingers constantly to be able to use your Mega Pokémon.
The other way(s) will come in once they’ve fleeced enough money from players and they’re ready to roll out part with you money thanks feature.

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We all understand Niantic needs to earn money…It’s just way more blatant than with other features before.THAT is what grinds my gears here.
Let’s see… Hubby and me did some Mega raids yesterday in the evening when it dropped. At worst we got 40 mega energy. For a Venusaur with 200 mega energy cost that would be 5 raids. Plus another 5 for Charizard and another 5 for Blastoise.15 raids for having those 3 in the mega dex… no wait… another 50 mega energy (let’s say one more raid) to make the dex complete, because Charizard has 2 options, but it gets cheaper (on the same Pokémon) the second time. You might be able to get one first-time-Mega with 4 raids, but probably not with less than that.
That’s about 2 weeks worth of daily free passes (+ you get one premium pass from the speacial research).
Will we still have those 3 in Mega raids in 2 weeks’ time? If they want to drag it as long as possible (see Unova Pokémon release), this might be the case. But we don’t know. Niantic-induced FOMO hitting again…

It’s a fine line between “not making it too easy” and “making it impossible unless you pay”.

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sucks that it last 3 hours but someone on discord said after the first time it cost 50 mega candie

For someone who has to rely on remote raids to even enter a raid battle the current setup is not ideal. Niantic still has to make money so I can’t really complain much about it.


It’s hardly a fraud, but it is rather costly. I’m only intending to do enough of each species to be able to Mega Evolve them at least twice, and then just sit back. The quest allows you to Mega Evolve a Beedrill three times, so that’s nice.


They will be listening to the feedback!

Let’s hopr that “listening” actually means taking advice on how to change it and not just to change it, we dont want to get some thing almost as bad as this just for them to claim how they listened to the fans and changed the systems we didnt like


“We all understand Niantic needs to earn money…It’s just way more blatant than with other features before.THAT is what grinds my gears here”

All previous egg hatching events, mostly Deino event, say hello…


To be fair, many players would probably just consider themselves unlucky if they didnt look into the stats, everybody sees the bs with the megas now

If the mega-evolved mons are more powerful than non-mega ones, it’s hardly perceptible. They seem more like a different sort of shiny; it might be more fitting to call them mega-shiny than mega-evolved.

Charizard taking away 60% of Kyogre’s health with a not very effective 110 BP move is definitely a major power boost, turns out they have the exact stats as they were predicted to (core game stats plugged into Go’s formula) but they dont receive the 9% nerf if they exceed 4k CP, as seen with MegaZard Y


yes and no… with those egg hatching events you - at least in theory - could have been SO ULTRA LUCKY you get the shiny Deino with you first hatch with the infinite incubator. No idea about the odds but >0
With megas there is zero chance you can mega evolve one of the Kanto starters after only one raid.

Sorry for being that nit-picky…I’m a bit grumpy today…With those event field research for mega energy being so stupidly rare (I’ve read something of about 1/170, great for rurals…), they just keep making it worse when they try to compensate… :angry:

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I have spun over 60 stops today, 0 task for mega energy and 1 task for winning a mega raid for Cranidos