Master Ball on raids on Pokémon GO

Greetings people.
I hope that you have had a very good christmas and a holiday season but now i’m going to talk about something that i thought all this weekend that is the way that niantic Will put masterball on the game and what Will we do with this. So lets go.
First, i think that masterball would be an item that we could win on a 7 day streak pokestop, otherwise we could buy on the shop (200 coins each). Niantic Will grab a lot of money selling master balls.
And now i think that we could use it on legendaries raids because i think that if it was wild Pokémon locked, like the others, it Will be useless (who Will catch a Dragonite with a masterball???).
Now we can put our ideas about it.

NOTE: Sorry of my bad English, i’m portuguese.


Niantic will make us pay for a Masterball. AFAIK, it’s already in the game code. I think they haven’t turned it on because of what they did with raids. You have to use those white balls that are no better than normal red balls.

Too easy to get, I had idea that MB should be 4 times more rare that Evo Stones and be for mythical pokemons, cuz they have 0% BCR (in my idea) DawidRTG's ideas to make Pokemon go great again

It would be nice if master ball becomes an award for the 1st player in a raid (more damage). Only one is not unbalanced, also random could be good and you could still fail the throw XD.