DawidRTG's ideas to make Pokemon go great again

I created some things that can make Pokemon GO better (great again xd) and here is my project:
1.Crafting (1-6):
-In items menu (6) we now have “CRAFT” button that open the brand new Crafting window (1), where we can craft items like all kinds of potions (3-5) and max revives (2). We can get bonuses too, but must unlock with pokecoins. Recipes must be like on screens. Bonuses are random.

2.Event bar (pictures 7-16):

-This is a feature for ticket events (safari zone, stadium…) and MYTHICAL POKEMONS (7)!
2.1.Mythical Pokemons:
-When mythical pokemon is going to appear in wild the nearest pokestop turn its colour:
-Blue (8): Manaphy, Phione, Keldeo
-Gray (9): Darkrai, Meloetta, Hoopa, Marshadow
-Green (10): Celebi, Shaymin
-Orange (11): Deoxys, Victini, Volcanion
-Pink (12): Mew, Diancie
-Purple (13): Genesect
-White (14): Jirachi, Arceus, Magearna
2.2. We can find mythical pokemons in the wild, but they are extremaly rare and to catch 'em all we need MASTERBALL (16), because they have 0% of BCR
2.3. Masterball can be obtained like regular item from pokestop (15), but with chance 20 times smaller that evolve stone, so mythical pokemons is very, very hard to get

3.Gym Lure Module (GLM) (17-19)
-New type of Lure Module to add on the gym’s pokestop (18) called Gym Lure Module - GLM (17). It works 1h, and to obtain only in Special boxes (19)

4.New EX invitation system (20-21):
4.1.Niantic comfired that EX system will change and here is my suggestion:
4.1.If EX will happen on gym and we have silver/golden badge at this gym we will get an invitation (21), if bronze or empty - NOT (20)
4.2.EX shoud happens at sunday at 3pm-4pm (21).

5.New Berries (23-24):
5.1.Strawe berry and Star berry (23) are the brand new berries in Pokemon GO:
5.1.1.Strawe berry is a Strawberry, that gives you 2x xp, can be obtain like regular berry, unlock at lvl 20
5.1.2.Star berry is a Carambola fruit, that gives you 2x stardust, because you know… Star dust, Star friut… can be obtain like regular berry, unlock at lvl 25
5.2.Golden variants of new berries (24) [can be too overpower at 2x rewards events xd]
5.2.1.Golden Strawe berry gives you 4x more XP per catch, can be obtain at raids, more rare than GRB
5.2.2.Golden Star berry gives you 4x more stardust when you catch a pokemon, can be obtain at raids, more rare than GRB

6.New pokeballs (24-25,15)!
6.1. Dusk Ball and Sfari Ball
6.1.1.Dusk ball (24) works like pokeball at day and like ultra ball at night, can be obtain from pokestop (15), a bit more rare than Ultra ball, unlock at lvl 23
6.1.2.Safari ball (24) works better (0.5% bigger chance) than Ultra ball, BUT only at pokemons in event areas and event pikachu, can be obtain (10% chance) only from event pokestops (25), unlock at lvl 5

-Golden Raid Pass (26) is new type of raid pass and it is unlimited! YEY! one per every gym, where we have golden badge (27) [a bit overpower? right?]

8. New Raid Bosses (RaidGenIII)
-Added: Feebas, Nosepass, Gulpin
-Removed: Metapod
-Added: Absol, Wobbuffet, Mawile
-Removed: Tentacruel, Marowak
-Added: Shiftry, Masquerain, Houndoom, Zangoose
-Removed: Ninetales, Alacazam, Gengar, Machamp
-Added: Hariyama, Dragonite, Vileplume, Gorebyss
-Removed: Snorlax, Tyranitar, Lapras, Victibell
-Added: Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latios, Latias
-Removed: Lugia
8.6.Level6 (EX):
Added: Groundon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Lugia and Ho-oh
Removed: -
8.6.1.Why Lugia was removed from tier 5 and moved to EX? In my opinion all Game names pokemons shoud be in EX, except Mewtwo (EX) and Suicune (pokemon crystal - non EX). Lugia - pokemon silver, Ho-oh - pokemon gold, Groundon - pokemon ruby…

9.Visible berry limit (28-29)
-Now we can use ONLY 10 berries (28) per pokemon, when it is in gym. Limit resets when pokemon was knocked out from gym.

10. Shining Legends xd
-Let’s look at gen I, II and III.
10.1.Game was realesed at summer 2016, one year later we got legends, and at 2018 there shoud be SHINIG gen I legends. February 2017 gen II was added, and we have legends now and this is problem for this system… I hope Niantic won’t do it with gen III legends :frowning:
Thats all I’ve made. Thank you for your attention :slight_smile:
I hope admins will see it… xd

  1. Kinda cool, but what you have shown is pretty damn op
  2. Good idea, except the part with MasterBall
  3. agreed
  4. Amazing
  5. well, Wepear and Bluk berries are already in the data (and are contest-based, like what we have now)
  6. Duskball has a *3.5 modifier
  7. Well, maybe, but I would love it
  8. Needs some more Gen 3 raids, like Metagross/Metang, Bagon/Salamence, and more
  9. nice detail
    10.not necessary
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Really like it. I hope Niantic uses some of those ideas!


How would my bag hold all those extra items? I like your ideas though.

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  1. Minor stuff which everyone loves it
  2. Umm I think Mythical Pokemon should be hatched from eggs. Also, master ball should a reward after beating raid bosses. (The chance of receiving master ball should be 0.05%) However, I like the part about event notification.
  3. This is not necessary. Niantic just need to fix the functionality of lure module and make it available for gyms.
  4. Maybe the distribution of Ex raid pass should run in this way.
    Bronze Badge: 10%
    Silver Badge: 50%
    Golden Badge: 100%
    And of course Ex raids shouldn’t appear in a fixed time. Once you receive the Ex raid pass, you may participate in any of the Ex raids.
  5. Strawe berries are more or less working in the same way as lucky egg and star berries are not going to be introduced at any time.
  6. Yes. They are expected to be great addition. You may refer to my topic about pokeballs. We’ve got some ideas about additional pokeballs as well.
  7. Players may abuse the Golden Raid pass. And I don’t think Niantic will introduce it since the demand of Premium raid pass will be lowered.
  8. How about my prediction of gen 3 raid bosses? Wouldn’t it be better and more realistic?
  9. Minor stuffs which everyone loves it
  10. Not many players care about it

Overall my views are:


Or you could get one masterball for every 10th level

It will be too easy to get your first two masterballs, and you’ll get only 4 and The game motto sounds Gotta catch ’em all and how you do this with 4 masterballs?

Great idea man! @DawidRTG I really recommend you to send it to Niantic’s email, so they’ll notice it! By the way from gyms and pokestops name i found out you’re from Poland like me!

@Elevatorisbest a przypadkiem nie jest tak, że jak się do nich wyślę e-mail to odpowiada bot?

czasem odpowiadał mi pracownik

To w takim razie spróbuję… xd

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Ale pisałeś z supportu, czy tak poprostu maila i do nich wysłałeś? @Elevatorisbest

wysyłałem do nich bezpośrednio na email: [email protected]

@Elevatorisbest ej ja mam napisać to jeszcze raz pod szarym tekstem/ napisać odpowiedź? Czy co xd

[szary]##- Please type your reply above this line -##[szary]


Thanks for contacting Pokémon GO Support. We are reviewing all requests and will reply to your email as soon as possible.

Niantic Support

teraz czekaj. raz jak napisałem o ex raidach to pracownik mi odpowiedział po kilku minutach

The same game happens in the main games, you only get one Master Ball and can only get more by winning the lottery (in hoenn games at least) but you know you can use other balls to catch Pokémon with?

Yes, but in this idea Mythical pokemons have 0% of base catch rate

Because they arent in the damn game yet

Becouse in my idea they won’t be catchable with other kinds of pokeball —_—

Honestly, I’m blown away by most of these ideas! Really cool stuff Dawid