Longest you've kept a pokemon in the gym for

Longest you’ve kept a pokemon in the gym for ? So far for me, ive only been playing a week and a half, Castform been in the gym 1 day 9 hours

Really the relation is high, but there was another article about this, and if I remember well there were people with several weeks in a gym (if not more than a month)…

Take a look reading older entries on the forum, shurely you find it.

Since Jan 31

My best Vaporeon :cry:

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8 days.

Three month and 5 days… really it’s sad to see that you don’t have nobody near who can help.

This is a moment where I understand people with multiple account to push themselves out of a gym…

Because it’s a fault of the system, at least if they give you the coins every week or something like this…

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For example, if after 1 week are still the same bitches in a Gym, it could reset automatically and send everybody home


10 days

I have had a rhyhorn in a gym since september- march, LONG TIME !

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And don’t you think it would be better they change the system?

14 days

Oh, it seems I found the most unvisited gym =]


Ive been in a gym for like 3 weeks.

Poor abra

Unlucky you.
It’ll be a bit unluckier when you get knocked out of that gym and already got your daily 50 Coins😅

Actually you need to get a lot more coins tho.

Actually, I like that this one is still there. I’m unlikely to ever be back in those places, it’s thousand of miles from my home, but it’s nice back to the gym in the game, to feed Abra with berry and refresh memory of this trip.

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I know someone who’s been in a gym longer than that

Recently managed 26 days in a rural gym. I was lucky to manage to get gold on a single drop

I’m able to take over gyms just for fun, 3 gyms near me and I’ve just taken over all three :grin:

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Then you can get some gym badge xp!
There are 4 levels of gym badges
Normal, bronze, silver and gold
The higher level gym badge you have from that gym, the more xp and items you get from spinning that gym’s stop

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What level should i wait till to do raids ? Im currently 18