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Longest you've kept a pokemon in the gym for

Try some low cp level 2 raids(i think)
You can also solo all lvl 1 raids(i think)
I cant exactly say it cus i dont know ivs and movesets.

There’s a pink one starting soon. Do I have a chance doing it on my own ?

Don’t wait, try!
Just go for the pink eggs.
You can go for Yellow or Purple (tier 3 till 5) if you’re with a bigger group.

W00t I just 0wned a walimer and did the bonus challenge in a pink raid


Well done!!


I have had a Snorlax go into minus days before. It I think went to 190 days. It got to 30 then went minus thwen back untill got to 190 intotal i worked it out it was ages ago now

There is a gym near where I work and me and a work colleague had our Pokémon in there for 2 days.

I have a friend who lives in a little town and has Pokémon in gyms there for up to 2 weeks, that’s the longest I’ve seen anyone have a Pokémon in a gym for.

I just had a Pokemon knocked out the gym after 1 day and I didn’t receive any coins :rage:

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Probably you already got 50 coins that day?

You can only get 50 pokecoins a day.