Legendary event 2018

Some players who are not Catch legendary from past are not Catch but I think this event give this opportunity to capture them I think so.

What are you trying to say? :question:

He is suggesting an event for Players to capture the previous legendary Pokemon

Yes friends I heared that entei,raikou,lugia are in raid is that true?

Not right now

And stupid 30 letter limit needs to go

Yeah. You just came back to the game?
Well just stay tuned to Niantic news

umm there isnt a legenary event going on anytime soon buddy probably not till july

If they will release all past legendaries, but via raids,

then give me 8 gallons of bleach

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They need to do one where they spawn in the wild, I’m sick of raid legendaries, im a rural player, and there’s no parks near me

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They might bring them back but at some point but they will keep releasing gen 3 legendaries and u need to join fb group or discord to find a raid group in your area. And they don’t just show up at parks

I hope for a quest system. For example if you catch 20 ice types and walk 20 km this week then you can get articuno.

Spawn in the wild would still massively benefit the city players

And rural players

The 30 character limit can rot in hell -_-

It wouldnt benefit rurals at all, how often did they see a TTar, or an Unown?
Thanks to lackluster spawns in those areas, city players would still have it a million times easier, while rurals would barely recieve any help
The already suggested quest system would be a lot more ‚Äúfair‚ÄĚ

Is it possible or no?If yes then when ?

And what is quest system? And when this system start?

I think the key word in Mapman42’s post was HOPE…

I hope that they will add that although there is no confirmation.

Idgaf, in sunny weather I can get Groudon >:c

Nope, still would be Unown-level rare and you wouldnt get a thing