Kanto Tour : Red and Green

Did you buy a ticket?
What team did you choose?

  • Red
  • Green
  • No

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I haven’t picked a color yet

What are you waiting for?

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Red Version. Hubby has Green Version. Just waiting for the time to start.

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I’ll pick in the morning

Both. Red for me. Green for hubby.

I picked Green

Is anyone else having trouble with the battle 2 go tour challengers task? I just battled two and it didn’t read either one.

finished it 1 hour before it was over. haven’t got the ticket but did get a 4 step limited research thing.

got a shiny onix, that’s awesome

had to do too much today.

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Got all Kanto Pokémon, except the nasty Krabby… :rage:

But well, everything else, including the evolution task, done and owner of a shiny Ditto.

Getting the shiny Mew will need more time, sending 151 gifts to friends is harder than catching Pokémon.


That’s hard work:

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My main was red, alt was green. Had a good day.

Part two gonna be a star piece feast

I went Red, Wife went Green.
We had fun completing all the catch and Raid Group tasks in around 8hrs.
Final evolves completed today.
The send 151 is going to drag for me as many on my friends list aren’t opening regular Gifts so I can’t sent many out atm. If it wasn’t for a couple of good ones doing it daily I’d be going nowhere.
I’m on 32 and the Wife’s into the 70’s as she went crazy on the Friends mega board and has some good ones.

On another note I saw Red rage today when I read on local discord a guy bought a ticket but his wife did not. She got 32 Shiny while he got half that and she only played half the time while he did 11hrs.
We played 10.5-11hrs and didn’t get anywhere near that number either.

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You live in Australia, right? I heard reports of people without the Ticket having the Shiny boost in Australia, instead of the Ticket Holders.

Yes, I’m in Australia.
Ticket holders are getting a redo day to be announced.
Doesn’t get away from they’ve messed this up monumentally by gifting none paying players better stuff than those that paid for a privilege of doing better than those that choose not to.
This company has millions of $ to get it right but continually stuff it up.


Been focused on battling after sending the 151 gifts. But now i have achieved my goal and gotta focus on catching a ton of pokemon.

Road to 50k…sigh

What part of the Mew research are you on?

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

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Part 0: haven’t bought the ticket

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I bought the ticket but only found a handful of shiny pokemon during tour. Thing is I’m in the US. Only two balloons, no pokestops and no way to get gifts for friends. As far as I’m concerned rural players couldn’t participate to the fullest extent. I got stuck on the send gifts to friends and ran out of time. Couldn’t complete challengers task either because I didn’t have any challengers pop up.

Sorry for being a bit agitated. It’s been a very long and difficult week.

I would be very angry, indeed.
Living in a city I had an agitated day with all of these time limited quests to complete the first day, but now it’s more calm. Think I’m in the last quest before the running time finishes (apart of still waiting to catch the ArticUno), and after getting the shiny Ditto with a long work on the way to shiny Mew.

I’m now in the Pikachu hour, we will see if I’m lucky for a Hundo or Shundo…

Nothing… not one nor the other