Is anyone else getting sick of new shinies?

I know we all wanted shiny Pokémon for the longest time, and before, they were ok, releasing them slowly, but recently, Niantic has been releasing too many too fast, this month alone, we got 3 new shiny Pokémon, 3! This wouldn’t be a problem, but now A: I have to check too many Pokémon to see if they’re shiny, but that leads me to B: There’s no point, since I can’t find any shinies! I heard the odds are 1/256, so why is it I’ve seen people with 1,000 Aron, and no shiny? Niantic needs to either stop with the shinies until at least April or May, or increase the odds, not to Community day Pikachu odds, but maybe like 1/150 or 1/200

In core games it is 1/~3000

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I agree with you that they are pretty hard to get, my friend has none and has been playing the game for over a year. Hope u can find one soon :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand where you’re coming from, but whether they’re released now or in 5 months time, you’re going to have to check the pokemon for shinies. If it’s too much hassle, just don’t check them. Personally I love it. I’d love if there was a shiny released for every pokemon because it would give me a reason to catch everything that spawns, and not just the ones I need.

What’s a shiny? I don’t believe they exist as I have no evidence of them aside from photoshop pictures. :stuck_out_tongue:

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1:4096/8182 based on the game you play
And back to the main topic, why should they slow down? Everybody was requesting tons of shinies yet when we actually get some its suddenly bad
All of these had a reason to be released, either for the event or a new batch


It’s quick to check for shinies - they have 3 or 4 black shapes above them on your Pokémon list, or if you presss the magnifying glass at the top and type the word shiny it will list them all - if you have one that is! I’ve been playing since day one and don’t have one but my stepson whose been playing few months has got a 10cp shiny shuppet lol

What he means is checking wild mons to see if they are shiny

Ah right I see, I didn’t know you could tell they were shiny before catching one.

They are real, Check the Lunar New Year event page to see a shiny poocheyna.

No they aren’t. It’s a giant conspiracy. Alex Jones is behind it! :stuck_out_tongue:


They should appear shiny as soon as they spawn on the map, I don’t want to waste an extra 4 seconds tapping on everyone I see

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I agree. I check every pokemon that could be shiny and it is getting very annoying.

its actually ok at least pooch and growlithe are the new shinnes

Growlithe isnt, right?

Hi, I got the pooch Shiney today,it appeared normal until I clicked on it.its poor cp but hey i’ll Take what I can get :flushed:

growllithe is shiny

That’s photoshopped