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Is anyone else getting sick of new shinies?

no its not my friend caught it yesterday

Only Shiny Poochenya and Mightyena were released with the event.

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I’m glad they are finally putting more shinies in the game, and they should be rare. The pikachu ratio was about 1 on 25, and it should have been 1 on 50 for the community day.
Other ratio should be 1 on 256/512 as it seems to be now, Or as in the game 1 on 4k, but then every encounter should be a possible shiny.

I want shinies to be rare, however I’ve been shiny hunting 2 full evenings after a day of work with friends, and Nothing.
That was pretty dissapointing though.

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We need more shinies. Hell we need black charizard. The odds are trash.