I hope Niantic understands how bad the rural issue is now after Feebas Day

The public outrage online should be a real wake up call to Niantic. The rural issue is real. It’s real and it is going to kill the game. If a person can’t play at their maximum potential because of these fixable issues there will only be two outcomes. One being that they’ll quit or two they’ll resort to cheating. And the more who cheat the more that is taken away from local communities that will never develop because those cheaters begin to remotely play in areas where the game is thriving. Pick your poison.

These issues we’re having I assume are being worked on but after over 2yrs of this it’s not a good look. Feebas Day was a disaster that shouldn’t have taken place. Knowing already how crazy shiny hunting can be for many and then locking them behind pokéstops that are scarce for them was not the smart play here. But this is an easy fix, Niantic.

Rerelease Feebas

Choose a random weekend where feebas will spawn all over. Much like you’re doing with psyduck now. We may not get its shiny variant but at least people won’t feel as if they didn’t have a fair shot.

Make Incense Free And Spawn More

I live in a thriving area so no issues for me. But I don’t know anyone who uses incense. Make them free and spawn at the same rate as meltan from its box but with a tweak. Instead of one spawn per minute make them spawn clusters instead with a few rare spawns such as a ralts thrown in sometimes.

Solo Raids If Not Enough Trainers Detected

Add an option to solo tier 3 to 5 raids of no one responds after 10min of asking for assistance via Help option. If no one or not enough respond then the raid boss’ CP will be lowered to the lobby count. Easier said than done.

Pokécoins Earned From PvP Battles

Not being able to gain coins from gyms is more of an issue that we all tend to face but with rurals it’s tougher since they don’t normally have access to a lot of gyms. So I think working out more ways to earn coins would make people happier. Add them in gifts. There’s an idea.


This is a great idea but some people do no have the friends/ pvp/ gifts feature

Also great idea but if they are giving clusters they should make it cost some poke coins

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I wrote to Niantic about some of these issues: http://forum.pokemongohub.net/t/i-wrote-to-niantic-and-they-replied/12994.
I have another solution for solo level 4 and 5 raids: http://forum.pokemongohub.net/t/lucky-raid-pass-a-new-item-that-could-solve-raid-problems-for-solo-and-rural-players-idea/12092


This is what I wrote about in my latest email to Niantic: I wrote to Niantic and they replied!

It is so easy to find friends. The problem is that people go about it the wrong way. I see it often. “Hey I need friends”! Posts trainer code on Twitter, Discord and Facebook Good job making 6 friends today but how do you know who actually befriended you? How will you find them?

Here’s why I say that is a bad idea to make them pay to catch rattata. Boom. And there it is. You just made someone who already plays in an area pay to catch a rattata. Catching pokémon I should not cost people anything unless they are locked behind raids.

No Niantic does not let some people have friends because they are kids

Two problems here though. One is that Niantic’s email support team is really bad. They’re not even really employees of Niantic. They’re just an outsourced from India and have no idea what Niantic is up to. I don’t even use them anymore.

A lucky raid pass wouldn’t work unless of course Niantic adds a safeguard that prevents people from breaking away from the community. There would have to be a delay of some sort before you can use it. Like maybe shoot up a beacon that will alert nearby trainers and if they’re around you’ll have the help you need. Everybody wins.


I wrote to them about in-game chat, or a way to see who is playing nearby, or to invite players to help you in raids. But they don’t want to add such features and they always reply:

To connect with other Trainers near you, try searching for your city name in conjunction with Pokémon GO on your preferred search engine, or finding groups in your area on social media channels, apps, and websites such as Facebook, Discord, Slack, WhatsApp, and more! These groups are managed independently by players and are not sponsored by Niantic, but offer great opportunities to meet Trainers in your area.

I disagree with this. I’m done with all these short-time events for a while. Last three (Totodile CD, Feebas RD, Psyduck SZ) all felt as a fail to me. If Niantic organises another short-time event before Swinub Community Day I most likely won’t participate.

I would say one of these options, not both.

I think you should be a loud to invite a best friend to a 5 Star raid like you do with e x and I think that would help a little bit but they would not have to be next to you like the way PVP works

Feebas shouldnt just be released everywhere, its still supposed to hold the status of a rare Pokemon

I dont really care about incenses, but a good suggestion

Actually, making Tier 4s/5s Tier 3 wouldnt be difficult at all, and beating it would be easy in majority of cases

Agreed, 50 coins a day is also nothing for heavy raiders, it would benefit everybody

As for Feebas, all they had to do is tell us about it a month before and set it for the whole day, with higher shiny chance for less Pokestops in a Level X S2 cell