How will Megas work in the game?

How do you think that Mega Evolutions will work in Pokemon Go?

Will they be strictly for combat?

They might not release them, but I hope they will because of Mega Charizard Y

Unless they decide to have Super Gyms to leave Legendary or Megas in they will just be Dex fillers for Collection and possibly handy for battling other Legenday Raids.

It would require another gym rework definitely. But we’ve a long way to go before we need to worry about that!

You get a Mega stone through quests, and then you can tap a small button to the left of Charge Move to mega evolve a Pokemon
Putting them in a gym makes literally no sense, since you are not present
Or maybe, you could leave a mega stone with the Pokemon and be unable to use it until the Mon returns

Make it like the evolution items. Oncs you go Mega you either revert back by pressing a button to or it stays the same. So you will be able to drop a Mega into a gym since you didnt revert it back. I would rather not being able to revert back since Mega would only have positives.

Ability to drop Megas in gym also.

That’s not even close to the main games which makes me think it’s unlikely, also this would allow multiple Megas to be used in the same battle which isn’t allowed in the core games

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So you must keep going back and forth?

Well the issue is, for the main games the Pokémon has to be holding a Mega Stone, which we don’t have gold items yet. Then the mega can be activated during battle if you want, it’s optional, but after battle the Pokémon returns to its normal form. So I’m assuming it will work similarly although there’s no question that the battle system will be updated before megas are released

I want to keep Charizard and Lucario in mega form…

You dont have to make them hold it, simply having it in the bag could be enough to trigger a mega evolution
One per gym battle/raid (mega would stay thorough all six battles)

But if they do that then how would the game know which one you want to mega evolve if you have multiple possible megas?

You would have a button on te lower left corner, to the opposite of the button you use to switch Pokemon

A waste of a move it seems to me, while your ‚Äúmega evolving‚ÄĚ your getting hit? or it lags. Just make it so you evolve them with a stone you recieve just like the other evolutions. More simple and long lasting.

Go=\=Main series
We aren’t Ash.

Ash =/= main series either, dont you dare insult the original games

I cant see evolving during a fight being anything reasonable.

Its reasonable since 2013

This not turn base.

Well by the time Generation 5 is released it very well could be

Pokken has them as well and its not turn based