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How was Your Community day

Low spawns even at a triple lure site. 1 shiny. Sheck iv later. Now going to a raid. Last chance…

181 Total caught in 3 hours, thats seriously low compared to my normal rates (336, 285, 208, 300, 248).

7 were shiny. Nothing special but i evolved one with 15 ATK atleast.
After 14:00 i did 56 trades with a friend. 7 turned out lucky and 1 of those was actually 100%. So after all not too bad.

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The raid turned out nothing useful. Total 52 caught, 2 91%, the rest under 80 and overall very low(most were under 40%), 1 shiny 51%. Spawns were low compared to the normal CD (Which are not great usually).
Evolved one high lvl and a 96% vibrava I already had.

Worst CD so far.

Not sure how many I caught but legit NONE of them actually had good IV’s except for one I got from a Research, but its CP was too low to be worth powering up, so I only evolved one Shiny Trapinch to Flygon. Found 10 Shiny Trapinch in total, which was quite nice, especially compared to my friend who only got two in a few less checks. It was nice to finally see the CD Pokémon appearing in Field Researches, I always hoped to ever see that happening. Also I got to TL40, which is amazing and just in time for Niantic Wayfarer. And I hatched my last 7KM Egg from the Ultra Bonus event, and got a Tauros.


Now reading “CD horrorstories” on Reddit. It is really bad. Really really bad considering the in-game weather was up all 3 hours. Low 2km egg droprates, even lower 2km hatchrates. Really low spawns, enormous shinyrate difference between people catching about the same numbers.

Really Niantic… Scr*wing up bigger when I started thinking we had seen the bottom. Bizarre. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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Not sure what to think about this CD. The spawns were less than usual, although Trapinch was weather boosted the whole 3 hours.
I caught 134 Trapinch and was able to get 4 shinies, 3 of them with good IVs (87-91%).
I also did a low tier Raid at both our brand new EX Raid gyms.
It was OK, but we have had better CDs…

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245 Trappers caught for 5 shinesters.
A rate just better than 1 in 50… not great.
Best shiny IV was 84%. Also nabbed a non-shiny hundo. So that was pretty good.

Mrs. celery got 9 Trappy shizzlers plus a random shiny Onix - so she was very pleased.


My best IV Trapinch

My best IV shiny

My highest CP Flygon


I wish you all the best, but for me it was horrible.

I had 1350 candies before the event, so I had no problem yo evolve the best to Flygon, but working hard, not getting one with good IV, and not getting one shiny…

I’m really thinking of forgetting these CD days

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This CD was weird. In the beginning the spawn rate for Trapinch was really low. I saw more Barboach and Lillipup than Trapinch. It didn’t look like a Community Day. Later, it became a little better, but still not great. It was sunny weather so I found several good IV Trapinch (but mostly low CP). Because of the low spawn rate it was hard to find shinies. I found my first one near the end of the second hour. After that, I found 3 more. It was weird to play on this CD after Niantic changed the spawn points. Some great places with cluster spawns are now gone, some new were created. In the end I was lucky to find 4 shinies and I evolved 6 Flygon with Earth Power, but it was not a good CD regarding spawns.


The rearranged spawn points, many poor CD reviews so far, my lack of enthusiasm for the chosen Pokémon, and a laundry delay are likely to combine to squeeze my CD into the 1pm-to-2pm timeframe, at most. I plan to focus more of my attention on the EX raid that starts at 5pm.

(edit: just noticed this is comment 1111 on this thread. Neat. Too bad there’s not something ceremonial for getting that - like a shiny litwick…)


Just wait until Halloween for that shiny candle

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Worst PoGo event I can recall.

I nominate “Pokémon Gone” for the new name of this game – I still can’t find where the missing spawns went. As far as I can tell, around here the spawns were just reduced by half, not redistributed.


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It would have been a pretty lame day had it not been for an incredible shiny streak


Was pretty bad for me in the beginning, Wife got 3 45 min into it, great IVs (super jealous lol) picked up for me in the middle of the event. She got the better IVs and 6 of them and I got 7 (mostly crappy IVs except for 2 of them)

Best IV Flygon

Best IV shiny Flygon


Only did first 90 minutes, because I got 8 Shinies and I was bored. Flygon kind of sucks and now I got plenty.

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Trapinch is common in my area and I have 6 high level 90%+ IV Trapinch in stock including 2 100% so I did not play as intensely as other CDs, manage to get one shiny before Mewtwo raid, my friends in raid also got the same shiny Trapinch too.

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Never caught a wild Trapinch before today. Just hatched out of eggs.

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Decent community day. Went with 4 persons from school. Got 6 shiny, which is a lot less than my usual numbers, but next time we are going to grind harder lol


Strangely productive. I only got 6 shiny Trapinch but I hatched a Shiny Onix and caught a second Shiny Giratina and at 93% IVs too.