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How was Your Community day

I guess only the Dratini was weather boosted to me. (At first I didn’t understand you reply.)

If Larvitar will finally make an appearance in June😋

Honestly my community day was a lot of fun. Me and 4 others went up to Central London and just walked from raid to raid for 3 hours, catching all the charmander along the way. I ended the day with 7 shinies, one at 91%, while one of my friends got 10 shinies and a shiny Hooh.

I’m in London next Sunday need shiny Ho-oh and olatios still please help do raids please don’t mention me if you see me pretend never been on here

I was hoping for a shiny but the Ho-Oh was a normal one and it fled.

First step for raiding in London is to just go on the PokemonGoLondon Discord Server and say “hey there’s a raid at _____”. Usually you’ll get a few players, especially on the weekends

I have that too but not rock types

Feel pleased to share it here😉

I also live in europe and i am invaded by barboach and whiscash, and otter water types.

Same here, Magikarp/Feebas/Barboach/Wailmer mostly everywhere to me.


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This was where i had my community day


Yay! It’s finally Community Three Hours!!!

I won’t call it Community Day since it’s neither a day, nor a half-day, nor even six stinking hours. And the measly three hours we get happens to exactly overlap with the three hours of work that I can’t reschedule today.

Sorry for throwing a fit about it; but it’s a royal pain to accumulate enough stardust to power-up anything meaningful, and missing out on the whole triple-stardust time totally blows. I might have liked the chance to collect a few shiny Charmanders and Charizards, too.

Either stop calling these events “Community DAY” or make them last the whole day, Niantic. It comes close to false advertising the way you have them now.


Not as catchy.

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I think I’m going to Be at tower London’s. I not allowed use discord can you put in there that new person for day that area needs all legendary currently out in uk

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Yeah, you’re probably right. But as irony would have it, “not as catchy” describes my so-called Community Day perfectly… grumble… gotta get to work now; many shinies and much stardust to y’all!

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One shiny in 54 for me. I evolved that one and also a 100% charmander. For some reason I found it a bit hard to land a great curveball today.

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where did my blast burn go…lol

very next one gets blast burn tho…


And how has happened this???

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Actually not my community day, but ill mention it anyways…