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Weather invasions!

(Files were too big, as always. And also messed up I see.)
Do you have any weather invasions?
I would like to hear it! :wink:
(@Pokemon here’s a confirmation.)

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Forgot to screenshot but got 6 normals next to each other

You don’t need to screenshot it😉
I’d just like to hear how often it happens.

Seven snoring around a stop

Haha not snoring anorith

I have something like that with Lileep atm

No matter what the weather, i always see lots of barboach, whiscash, Some otter water types and a lot of rattata/pidgey

9 boosted swablu round stop in park went to other stop just after changed weather 5 swablu then another 4 swablu no shiny massive nest

Big weather invasion. IV was a shame.


Saw like 15 Magis…

Another weather invasion today. I didn’t even catch the Anoriths.


:open_mouth: I still don’t have Armaldo, Lileep, OR Cradily!


OMG I need one of those. My current buddy is anorith and my next will be mareep.

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Lol I went to the most rural place I’ve ever seen for three days and I thought, “This will be a shame” but I like it with all those Lileepzz. I don’t catch the Anoriths anymore because I only have Ultra Balls left, but I wanted to catch all the Lileeps I saw. You don’t want to hear how many I caught xD. And I’m still there.


I still need an anorith. They just dont spawn here.

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I can only get them at the Santa Monica Pier in California @Jormdeworm . The pier is one of the best spots in USA and maybe the world for pokemon.

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May the Adventure Week give it all to you.:pray:t2:
And to @Pokemon and whoever who needs it. And me nothing (because I don’t really need it lol).

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CentrO Oberhausen is also HEAVEN (for me) better then kijkduin

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