Help me make my own Pokemon Dream Team

I am not really a battle/raid aficionado but I guess I would still need a good team for some quest requiring gym or raid battles and also to earn pokecoins so here are my questions:

Pokemon Battle Questions

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All you need is six bite and crunch Tyranitar and 6 Smackdown Stone Edge Tyranitar and 6 Machamp with this you can take down just about everything


I had a big write up in some other thread to help guide players build battle teams for Raiding.

As cup mentioned you can’t go wrong with those 3 that will be most suitable for a vast majority of Raids.

  1. 6 Machamp with Counter / Dynamic Punch. Team can be supplemented with Hariyama with same moves
  2. 6 Tyranitar with Bite / Crunch
  3. 6 Tyranitar with Smack Down / Stone Edge. If you didn’t get these during the CD and weekends events your out of luck now. Next best that’s available now and easily to get is Golem with Rock Throw / Stone Edge.
    From there you get into specialized teams of Water, Grass and Electric.
  4. Water Team can consist of Kyogre with Waterfall / Hydro Pump or Gyrados with same moves and if you cant get enough of those Vapereon with Water Gun / Water Pulse or Hydro Pump.
  5. Grass Team can consist of Exeggutor with Bullet Seed / Solar Beam or Seed Bomb or Sceptile with Bullet Seed / Leaf Blade and if you cashed in during the CD and Weekend even Venasaur with Razor Leaf / Frenzy Plant via for No.1 position against Exeggutor.
  6. Electric Team can consist of Raikou with Thunder Shock / Wild Charge or now Electivire (not sure what move set) and then it steps down to the fragile Jolteon that packs a punch but will faint quick if hit.

MewTwo can be extremely useful as it does big damage even if the Move Sets aren’t exploiting a weakness and what you battling against doesn’t do double damage against Psychic types. Tyranitar breaks that rule for Gym battles.

  1. For sweeping Gyms and taking down Tyranitar / Blissey/Chancey and Snorlax Psycho Cut / Focus Blast is best.
  2. More suited to raiding is Psycho Cut / Shadow Ball (now legacy move) or you’d be surprised how good Psycho Cut / Ice Beam is.

For some Generalist you cant go past the 3 Dragons. Rayquaza does the biggest Damage but cant take a hit like the other 2.

  1. Rayquaza with Dragon Tail / Outrage
  2. Dragonite with Dragontail / Outrage or Draco Meteor
  3. Salamance with Dragon Tail / Draco Meteor

@Cup @NotanotherKangaskhan Thanks for those infos!

I guess I will be working on those pokemons that are within my reach.

Raiding for big catches like Mew2 before and those legendaries are far off my reach as I cannot afford to do or be in an organized raids. Too occupied with real life duties and PoGo playing is just for spare time, most probably just for the sake of completing the Pokedex. :grin:

I have been back in PoGo for my kiddo who is the one to beg me to catch her Pokemons, though she just turn 5years old last month. So I double play too to level up both our account most of the time, to be able to keep them not too far from each level. We will be both playing the same time a few more years from now, but until then, the grinding is left just for me now. :grin:

We’ve been unlucky too as her 1st account was wreck after the email I have used which is my work email was migrated and causes her PoGo account to be orphaned and Niantic is not that too helpful. We just hope we could still recover it in the future if Niantic would allow. So we just redo her PoGo collection with her new and 2nd account.

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Mewtwo and Metagross are better generalists than Dragonite though