Help Desk - Pokémon GO 0.177.0 freezes on startup

Pokémon GO 0.177.0 freezes on startup.

Android 5.1.1


Mine doesn’t.

we are not Niantic

Is your device supported by Pokemon go? (Unfamiliar with Android)

Two devices with Android 5.1.1, Pokémon GO worked well for years on both.
Without any problems with the previous version on both.

Anyone else having issues with version 0.177.0?

Known issue, just not yet by Niantic. But they are always a bit slow.

Looks like Niantic is finally aware of it from that linked page.

Yeah, I came here to see if this was a thing. I haven’t been able to access the game for days.

Hopefully this is fixed soon. I was looking forward to the Unova throwback, yet was not able to play at all. Awesome. lol

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There is a new update coming up. 0.177.1
If it brings a solution I don’t know.

My 0.177.0 G for Android has been somewhat flaky (including frequent delays and some freeze problems); but quitting and restarting has been effective each time. Hoping the next version restores the stability it had before this version.

It’s been acknowledged by Niantic

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At Ingress they have had the same problem since March. And they still can’t play.

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0.177.1 update same s***

One device 32 bits processor + Android 5.1.1 32 bits
Other device 64 bits processor + Android 5.1.1 32 bits

Niantic has brought August to June.

Well, I’m not buying a new phone just to play, so … that ends my near 4-year run on Pokemon Go.

my 32-bit device still works, but crashes often.

I hate upgrade coercion, too. How old is the phone you’re using? More than 5 y.o.?


I’m not 100% sure, to be honest. I bought it four years ago, but it was considered an older model at the time. Phones are one thing that I don’t really splurge on. I’m not a “gotta run out and get the newest model!” type. lol


Nor am I. But when my phone gets too old to run the current apps, I get one from the current generation, even if it’s not the top-of-the-line. (We’ll see how long I can stick to that strategy when there are always tempting deals for older stuff)

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I used to get the latest and greatest phone every 2 years on a contract plan, then pogo came along and due to the amount of battery being used a day, the phones were lucky to last a little over a year before you couldn’t charge them anymore. It was at that point I switched to prepaid and rather than getting a $1000 phone every 2 years, I switched to getting 2 $250 phones every year.

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After a got a Samsung A series wich completely sucked i changed tactics. Whenever i need a new one i go for the newest model, but they do last a while.
My last 3 were an S2, S6 and now S10. I had the battery replaced after a bit more than 2 years in the S6 to make sure it could keep running again for a while. Doesnt cost too much and its a great way to extend your phones life.