Help Desk - Normal Castform in rain- glitch or not?

i don’t know if this is the right board to post this, feel free to move this topic if needed.

i’m currently in santa monica right now, and it’s raining. a bunch of castforms are there, but a fw of them are normal form instead of rainy… is this a glitch or not?

Had the weather only just changed in the hour and the normal ones had already spawned before it changed to rainy?
Don’t forget to Pinap that Feebas :grinning:

You’ll always get regular castform from lures. BTW I asked about same thing here: Regular castform in clear Weather?! -.-

Holy crap. Wild feebas and everywhere rainy castform. I dont have both of them.

I’m thinking that Castform can’t change forms like in the anime or games. When a Castform spawns, it takes on the form of the current weather.

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Caught the snow Castform last night to complete all 4. The only sunny Castforms I’ve caught have been at night.

Sunny Castform can appear at any time when it is clear weather, day or night

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