Help Build The Hub - [REQUEST] YouTuber Section

I would like there to be a section for Pokemon GO YouTubers to post their content, this would have to be regulated to make sure that no one posts spam, hacking or spoofing videos.

I have been looking online and there are not a lot of places that YouTubers like myself can post Pokemon Go content. Whether people are just getting started on YouTube or they have an established YouTube channel, I think this would be a great addition to the forum.


That would be a neat feature. I don’t think anyone else supports the idea, based on the number of replies LOL.

Is it for small youtubers? Cuz I would prefer the youtube section where you talk about guys like M7, TrainerTips, Reversal and ProdigiesNation. Talking bout their videos on the forums would be way better than YT comment section haha


This for YouTubers that want to post videos on the Pokemon Go Forum. Yes Mystic7, Reversal and TrainerTips are great YouTubers but I watch a few good small Pokemon Go YouTubers as well.

It would be extremely difficult to be ensure the content was relevant and safe. It would require a moderator watch the videos in their entirety to be able to do that. Most posts are less than 100 words and easy go scan over videos could be anywhere from minutes to hours.

While I’m sure up and coming youtubers would benefit from it, I’m not sure it is practical.


Perhaps we can vote for a moderator? One who is always in youtube? He/she can check the video first and if the content is safe, ahem FSUATL ahem, he can suggest that youtuber in the yt section. Usually with1-2 vids you can see if that channel is a-ok

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Isn’t that the point of a forum, to have Moderators to check that the content is legit. I am on a lot of forums for a lot of different games and even though my videos are legit, they get checked incredibly closely.

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The Moderator shouldn’t be a YouTuber because that person may be biased - the Moderator needs to be a person that was involved in the creation of this forum and knows about hacking/spoofing on YouTube.

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As @Thorend mentioned: It is much more time consuming to check a Youtube Video than a simple text post.

Keep in mind that the community here is relatively small and Moderators do this on a completely voluntary basis. We all have work / family and other things to do as well and there is simply not enough of us yet to be able to check every single video that might get posted in it’s entirety.


I literally just started a channel last week, and popped in here now looking for something exactly like this lol…

Yes I know but it wouldn’t be that hard. If people are hacking/spoofing in their videos, you can tell immediately from the thumbnail and the first 30s of the video. Also, there are not a lot of Pokemon GO YouTubers, most videos are 10-20 mins long and as I’ve said already you can tell what the video is about in the first 30 seconds. Also, you can scrub YouTube videos to see the frames, so the Moderators wouldn’t have to spend the whole 20mins watching one video.

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Unfortunately we as moderators are not only responsible to make sure these videos are free of spoofing and hacking, we would also have to make sure they are not offensive, no false info is spread etc. and therefore have to watch the entire video and while I agree, that a YouTube section might be good for the community I just don’t see it happening at this point in time. I’m sure we’ll be able to implement it further along the road though.


Ok, well…
Not to be rude or anything but you don’t have to be a genius to work out that hackers/spoofers don’t hide the fact that they hack and spoof; people like FsuAtl even tweet at Pokemon GO and Niantic. As I’ve said multiple times, you can tell people are hackers on social media from the thumbnails they design and the way they word their video titles.

It really wouldn’t take that many people to moderate Pokemon GO videos.

Again: It’s not just about checking for spoofers / hackers, but also offensive content, accuracy of information, whether the content is child-appropriate or not… this all takes time and manpower that we don’t currently have.
Just have some patience, there will be a solution for your request, it is just going to take some time.

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This forum wasn’t built as a tool for youtubers to promote their channels. Even if they are useful videos this goes against the grain of what Go Hub does.

It is hard trying to draw a line between selfish self promotion and youtubers trying to share helpful videos to fellow trainers.

While there might be opportunity for this in the future this won’t be happening in the immediate future.


I have to apologise for my last post…
The Go Hub doesn’t need a YouTube section but I’m trying to explain that people who hack/spoof don’t hide it and they couldn’t careless if people hate them for it.

Also, there aren’t a lot of place on the internet where Pokemon YouTubers can post their content. Unlike other games like Minecraft / Destiny (they have lots of forums where players can post their content). People like me are just trying to find a place to post content they know that would be valuable to the Pokemon community.

Would it suit you if the Forum had a dedicated YT section?

Sorry, that was supposed to say: I’m trying to say that the Go Hub doesn’t need a YouTube section

That’s not up to me, that would be up to the Go Hub community but I think it would be a nice…

These are a few of my personal favourites. I assure you that their content is suitable And doesn’t promote anything bad.

PokeAK-a level 40 player in Alaska. His content mainly revolves around gyms and how to battle properly. He also does stardust sprees and reports accurate news.

Prodigies Nation-a level 40 player in Tennessee. Like above, his content is mainly gym based and (atm) is focused on legendary raids and how to maximise your chances of catching them.

Jonno Plays- He may be a bit controversial after the GoFest incident but his content is very entertaining. He usually does hunting videos (searching for 100 IV/rare Pokémon) but does other games like Magikarp Jump.

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