Heart Breaking Moments while playing Pokemon Go

The time when you almost uninstall the game kinda situation.

I had a Typhlosion spawn off of an incense when my girlfriend and I were visiting her parents in Denver. They live in the mountains and not a pokestop or spawn around so the incense was spawning completely random Pokemon. I used a razzberry, ultra ball and got a great throw indicator. The ball wiggled once, it popped and Typhlosion ran…

Find mine in “share your rare and funny catches” it’s worth it… I promise… lol

About 2 weeks ago I was driving around and I saw a grimer on my nearby then the everything dissappears glitch happened and it just vanished into thin air

I have had high level dragonites and snorlax run on me…but nothing is as disheartening and frustrating as having your whole Town AND CITY overrun by bottling GPS spoofers!


Well, if this isn’t heartbreaking I don’t know what it is…


I didn’t want to uninstall the game but I was crushed when I had my first Snorlax run on a berry excellent throw, curvball combo on the first toss.

Wasn’t as bad as when I checked my log and saw an Unknown had ran from me when I was using my Go Plus…:cry::cry::cry:


Just yesterday a 2000+ venusaur spawned while I was at work…completely random since it’s usually more of a water biome. I had two shots at him and both were raz/ultra/curve great throws and he easily broke out of both and then ran. I couldn’t have done anything more, but still frustrating


I was suited up in a clean-room, check my phone, and see a Machamp at a Pokestop just outside my range.

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2 Skarmory fails
1 Snorlax appearing nearby but not found
1 Chansey appearing but not found
1 Grimer appearing but not found
Good Pokemons spawning but no pokeballs
And a Wartortle fail

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I dare say I’m going to win this one… It was around 3 weeks ago and I’m still mega salty.

We got a wild Unown in a nearby village, the first one ever seen in our town and only the 2nd in our whole county (there have been no further reported sightings since)

I got the shout from our local spots chat… Got there as fast I could… Was there with approx. 3 minutes left before it despawned… My mobile provider was having problems with their mobile data and I couldn’t get on the game :cry:

Worst bit… Someone I know quite well from playing the game was on the opposite street (it was between a row of houses accessible from 2 roads) and caught it… She’d have happily given me a tether if she had seen me :cry:


Gyarados run
2 blissey run
2 donphan run
Tyranitar despawned 2 minutes before i arrived
Tyranitar spawning 30 minutes after i left a place

This Terrible Moveset. First Tyranitar :’(

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I was pretty upset when they redid the move sets last time. I have 2 maxed out Pokémon a 98% Alakazam and a 100% Mechamp who previously both had the best moves. After the move set update they both have moves that are less desirable.

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When you solo battled a gym from level 8 to 0 and just when you put your Pokemon on, a spoofer beat you into it with a 3000+ CP Blissey. Talking about headshot sniping at its worse.


I did the same thing with my alakazam too :disappointed: it’s such a disappointment to invest in something so greatly and then have it washed away :disappointed_relieved:

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I don’t think it’s as bad getting a conquered gym sniped as it is getting a friendly slot sniped. I mean, you already grinded 8-0…just knock out the one more pissant.

It’s SO much worse when you grind up and get sniped by a friendly. Especially by bottom trash that messes your whole setup.

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It was friendly. You know its harder to train than to battle. Good experience over all.

I’ve not had any crazy moments but i did wish i played more Pokemon while i was in USA earlier this year! I got a Taurus across the atlantic and I was more than okay with that but i should’ve taken more advantage

My Tyranitar has the same movesets… I feel your pain…