Halloween Event: Which Pokemon will be your buddy?

Now that the Halloween event is happening very soon:


Who will be your buddy during the event?

At the moment mine is Geodude but maybe I will change to Blissey/Chansey.
Not sure yet.

Any good ideas?
A Gen III Pokemon maybe?

Edit: At the end I didn’t change my buddy.


If I find rapidly one with two evolutions, then yes, I will take a Gen III. If not, I’m failing still in Ampharos, so I would put a Mareep.


I’ll be walking my 96% Larvitar through the event because I still don’t have a Tyranitar


Pidgey for me,I need those candies!

Haha, I don’t know what to do with my Pidgey-Candies… how it’s possible you need them?

I’m not sure at the moment. I’ve completed everything I need to evolve so probably Tyranitar. I believe we should be getting all the generation 3 Pokemon.

Because I’m at Lv 39 with around 4 million XP to go. I need those candies for a few evolution sessions XD

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Aaahh, you use them for the lucky eggs, logical…

I don’t need anything evolved right now, so I will just leave Magicarp as my buddy.

I was going to use my Geodue but I think I may use my 90+ Larviar because I too still don’t have a Tyranitar :slight_smile:

Is Geodude no common where you play @ShireenPlaysYT ?

Geodude is my #2 most caught Pokemon behind Ekans. I see them every where. I currently have 5000+ Geo Candy.

I changed my buddy back to Chansey just after the Equinox event and will leave it. I’ve got 3 96% Chansey to evolve and Power Up.


I was thinking of switching to L’tar but will stick to Chancey for some more time. Generally I choose the weakest of the lot to work on the rest in the group. No wonder I can’t locate the Dratini I walked as buddy and a few others.

Gyarados, esperando encontarme con un majikarp shiny

No they are not very common in England, I very rarely see them.

Snubbull then Totadile. :slight_smile:

I’m primarily keeping my Shiny Gyarados as my buddy, but I’m not opposed to switching it out at some point during the event if a brilliant idea strikes me as to why I should use something else.

some legendary maybe…

pidgey is amazing as a buddy! It’s a grinder’s dream!

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Just finished 30 km with Onix; now it’s time for Gloom!


For me, I would think long-range of Pokemon Generation. I’m now having Porygon2 as my buddy. When gen 4 arrives, I can immediately evolve it into Porygon-Z. I’ve already gainned enough candies for all Pokemon which have further evolutions in gen 4 except Porygon-Z.