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Halloween Event: Which Pokemon will be your buddy?

pikachu after i get this eevee candy

It was all golem all the time. All 4 of my fav golf balls need a lot of attention. So they need all the candy i can give them, but they take down all those legendaries like a boss!


I kept my Steelix during the event.

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dratini, i have now ~50 candies already, so i guess i will get my first dragonite i like 2 years xd

My buddy has been Tyranitar. I am Level 37 and have 3 Tyranitars. One CP 3551 (Bite/Stone Edge), one CP 3205 (Iron Tail/Stone Edge), and last one CP 2336 (Bite/Fire Blast). The first is maxed out. My goal is to have all 3 maxed out. I have plenty of candies for my other Pokemons; with Eevee alone I have over 3000 candies. :slight_smile:

@Thorend, you may close this thread. Halloween party is over.

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