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GO Fest 2022

Having the lull in meaningful events at the present time brings to mind the events that tend to be worth a bother to do.

Our work assignments come at the start of each month, and to get a particular day off requires advance request (ESPECIALLY on a weekend, when I tend to have 12-to-14 hour days, often both days). I’d like to submit my request in-time to be free to play that weekend.

Does anybody here have insight into when this year’s GO Fest will be? Or can somebody please raise the matter with whomever plans PokéEvents?

This is what I found:

Niantic’s next Pokemon Go Fest event will take place in summer 2022. The Pokemon Go Fest 2022 release date is likely the weekend of July 16 and 17, or July 23 and 24.

So, they mention two different weekends… nothing shure

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Thanks; that’s the only thing I was able to find, too…

Although it may turn out to be a good guess, it’s still entirely speculative, based on the patterns from previous years.

But let me reiterate my thanks to you, @bagguille for offering what info is there (even if it isn’t definitive). I’m also grateful that you made it through your procedure. I hope your recovery process is smooth, speedy, and complete.

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with events in general, it wouldn’t hurt Niantic to let everyone know at least a month in advance. If they don’t want us to know what the event is, they could at least say that there will be an event. When they announce an event with just days or hours to go, it’s often too late for people to change shifts or to avoid clashes with other gatherings.

Niantics communication has a lot of room for improvement.


I believe we will hear news of GO Fest when spring comes around. I certainly hope it will still be a global event regarding current events.


They did. But we get no Saturday or Sunday off, except in the middle of the 2-week vacation block, and aligning vacation with a particular weekend needed more than 3 months’ notice. By the time the June GO Fest dates were announced, the next available vacation time was already August. By now it’s September…

Oh, well. Maybe next year. As long as the game’s cost/benefit ratio doesn’t increase much more in the meantime, anyway.

I requested off work that weekend and waited until it was confirmed on the schedule before I bought my ticket

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Every CD or Paid event seems to fall on the weekends I have little Miss Kangaskhan making it difficult to play them the time and way I would like. Makes me seriously think if the $ are worth the half attempt I can only commit to.

I’m trying to plan my trip to Seattle, but there’s a big frustration with Niantic being mum to the ticket details for Seattle. Time is running out.

What difficulty level and gameplay focus will you choose in the Shaymin special research during GO Fest?

  • Relaxed - Catch
  • Relaxed - Explore
  • Relaxed - Battle
  • Standard - Catch
  • Standard - Explore
  • Standard - Battle
  • Master - Catch
  • Master - Explore
  • Master - Battle
  • I won’t buy a ticket for GO Fest

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Not sure yet.
It’s a 4-day public holiday in the UK (thurs-sun) because of the Queenie’s blinkin’ Platinum Jubilee.
Almost every green space or town centre is having some kind of event.
So I don’t know where I’ll be able to play - which will affect my decision.
Given a free choice I’d probably opt for Master/Catch.

I want them all, but I can vote only once…

Catch or explore, probably on master but I might also choose for relaxed so I have more time to hunt on Shinies.

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Im only a 10-20% chance of being able to play enough on the day(s) to waste $ on a ticket.

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Ah, no, I will play at the date, but will not pay any cent… and lesser chance to waste a $.

It’s getting closer and I’m still undecided if I’m getting the ticket or not?
To catch the stuff I don’t have can only be caught on incense if you have bought the ticket from what I’m made to believe.
How much trust do I put in what I’ve been told as that’s what I thought was happening during the last one. Only to find out that everything I could get on my ticketed main I could get on my non ticketed kids acct. Not to mention the non ticked acct got more Shiny than the ticketed acct which confirmed boosted odds for having a ticket was a big fat lie.
If I knew I could play at least 70% of each day I wouldn’t hesitate to get the ticket but as it stands I’m not sure I’ll get much more than 20%.

Very nice Badge, but this time I will not buy.

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I purchased the ticket last night.
When you think of GoFest, catch Shiny instantly comes to mind does it not?
Not sure what to think of what happen today?

0 yes 0 f***ing Shiny for a full 8hrs play. WTF?

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