Global Catch Challenge

Just running some number on this new event;
3,000,000,000 / 7 days = 428,571,429 mons / day.
If there are still 1 million trainers worldwide that is 429 per trainer per day. With 2 million trainers it becomes 215 per Trainer per day.
For anyone on a social media platform it may pay to get this info out so people know how many we need to catch to unlock the goals.
Also do we have stats on how many active users are still in the game worldwide anywhere?

Didn’t they put in a max catches per day thing as one of their antispoofing updates?

Edit: relevant link

So well within our ability depending on how many active trainers there are still! Exciting stuff!!!

Don’t worry, i’ll do my part the next few days. I’ve been discarding potions just to be able to carry more balls.

I’ll play normally and my Go Plus will catch more than my share.

… As it is currently winter and rain/hail/snow is constant now (whyyyyyy) I can get the 4 spawns per hour from my house but minimal else
I doubt I have ever caught 429 in even a week lol
4 spawns per hour is 64 per day …

That’s a max

Every catch helps! We’re over 1/2 way to the 500 million mark now!

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well i live in iceland and i still go outside:wink:


I’ve been catching every pidgey and rattata that I see. I’m slightly worried about running out of balls, but whatever.

I normally get more balls than I can use, but well, I will try to use them…

We are on track for just over 2 billion. Hopefully the weekend will catch us up

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Strong work! Glad to see someone doing their bit no matter the weather!


Once the first reward is unlocked I guarantee stops will light up around the clock & that will boost the numbers astronomically so we can get the 2nd & 3rd rewards.


Every little helps absolutely, I hope more people chime in to get the milestones sooner to spark the snowball of spawns and thus more catches!


I never thought of that … lol

Made my morning round, walking up an down a park… 92 catches, with Double XP, really a good beginning.
Ah, and I have catched 2 Yanma, something quite rare. The spawns still are not changed?


I haven’t really noticed more or rarer spawns.

I vary rarely see a Kakuna, today I’ve caught 3.
Not sure I’d class it as rare but not common, yes.

Really it’s nothing stadistical, it’s only a feeling. More Yanma than ever, catching 9 Slowpoke, a Girafarig…

It doesn’t look like there are more spawn points in the game here.

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