General Chat - Solrock and Lunatone are the new shinies - good choice?

Hi everyone!
So what do you think about Niantic’s choice for the new event shinies - Solrock and Lunatone?

They are the first (somewhat) regional exclusives to be shiny. So it’s quite likely to only be able get one of them until they either switch again or return to raids…
On the other hand they don’t have evolutions, i.e. hardcore collectors who want one of each evo stage (guilty as charged…) won’t ‘need’ more than one… Think about Oddish - how would anyone get 4 shiny Oddish without a community day…?

At least they were rather unexpected… But I myself hope they will spawn more in the future (after the event), before the first switch I had only ever seen 2 Lunatone… not a fair chance for shinies…


I’d be more psyched for Solrock except that it’s rainy weather here in Northern California so my chances of see increased spawns is quickly going down the drain lol


Lunatone over here in Oz means we can only hunt at night or early morning. Bites for those of us who work regular hours… :frowning:
All good though - at least they stay around after the event ends (hopefully… :flushed:)

I feel your pain… But during the event it seems like Lunatone spawns all day, or at least longer than usual (it’s 9 AM here, sun is shining, and I still have one on the nearby).
We’ll see…

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I would have liked a shiny Lunatone … but it has now left my area for the foreseeable future. lol

I dont mind shiny regionals, such stuff simply comes with having regionals in the first place
We just need more events with them


Checked over 100 lunatone last night, none was shiny. :frowning:
It was everywhere. Searching for Tangela and Treecko, that appear and move away in a blink of an eye.

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It’s an interesting choice, but at least it’s thematic.

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No. Since I have already completed the Shiny Bulbasaur family, the Shiny Sunkern family, the Shiny Roselia family except Budew and since I have shiny Chikorita & Meganium, I was hoping for a lot of new shinies coming, so it would he more interesting to hunt. Sadly, the only new one (for me) is Lunatone, and Lunatone does only spawn in night time it seems. I’m not sure why I should hunt during day time and I am sure I quite dislike this event.

I’ve seen lunatone during the day


Not a fan of Regionals and definitely not a fan of having them Shiny as well.Have missed getting so many other Shiny so far it’s just become Shiny, don’t care. No longer going to change my playing style to chase some thing that doesn’t help me make my Meta Raid teams better and stronger.

If I’m right you can find Lunatone until 9AM. Don’t know how late it spawns again.

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So if I understand correctly: Daytime is Solrock, nighttime is Lunatone. After the Equinox even the will be switched Both to South and the other way around? Untill then, hunt the shiny!

They are split between Americas+Africa and the rest though, they didnt choose the obvious way

No, after the Equinox event ends, Solrock will still only be spawning in the Americas and Africa and Lunatone in the other continents. And Lunatone during ‘night time’ and Solrock during day time.

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Shiny solrock sounds fun

I’m OK with the new shiny Solrock and Lunatone, however they should make Lunatone spawns during daytime, at least during the event, it gives people in the Lunatone continents more fair chance to encounter shiny


I guess I have changed my mind about this… Right after the event started it felt like almost every other spawn was a Lunatone, but when I was out hunting yesterday in the evening, I really had to track them down and couldn’t find more than 3… Not the best precondition for shiny hunters…

But anybody out there has caught one of these shinys?

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Not yet for me.