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General Chat - Solrock and Lunatone are the new shinies - good choice?

Me either, but I really want shiny Solrock. It’s a nice look.

It would be neat if Lunatone spawned when the moon was up where you are, whether that’s daytime or nighttime.

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I’ve seen a shiny in the gym Solrock

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Me too

Was low on balls after CD so last night was Ball Run on the way home from work with Go Plus while doing Gyms. Caught all the Moons around the Gyms and stops manually.
The Turtwig was miss que when clicking on a Moon and turn out to be a 100% :rofl::rofl:
Here’s last nights return.


Nice little haul there. A few decent Treeckos, too, to round it out.

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Only the 96% Treecko is worth keeping the others except Shiny will go to the Professor.
Got 2 91% Moons out of that group, one small CP and the other large CP. Will only keep the Large CP one.

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