General Chat - How do some people already have certain pokemon

I’ve seen a wailord, garvidor, and milotic in a gym, I mean how do you even get a wailord with rare candy this sone

I was lucky and found a Wailmer nest near me, so I got Wailord 2 Days Ago and i’m on my way for the second one. I have the candy for Gardevoir because of the constant cloudy weather in London, and i’ve only ever caught 3 Feebas, so i’m trying to rare candy for Milotic.

Wailmers have nests, Gardevoir is out for almost a month and they are common in cloudy weather
And for Milotic you have singapore, spoofers or rare candy

You can also do Wailmer Raids, if you want to get a better IV one


I only have ralts out of the first stages. There was a wailmer on nearby but it was in a park, which was closed.
Never seen feebas - not on nearby. Not even in gyms.

On cloudy days around home Ralts spawn every where and I only need to drive around the streets and I’ll catch quite a few.
As for Whailmer they in good numbers around water ways and the sea.
Feebas have been the same spots as Wailmers only no way near as many and quite often have been coming up in pairs a block or 2 away from each other.

Wondering around hoping to luck onto most things will take a long time. Maps are your best friend.

I guess you can also hatch wailmers

Hey, Niantic – if I win Powerball can I BUY a wailord or milotic? The relative scarcity of wailmer and feebas around here makes it less likely that I’ll EVER get enough candies to evolve either one…

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Feed rare candy or set them as buddy.

LOL. I was really just venting. There’s no way I could play enough for either idea to be feasible for me, unless maybe I was retired; but thanks anyway.

I started doing Legendary raids with a bunch of people that raid all day long. I only do a few a week but these guys are raiding all day everyday. They must have tons of rare candy.

An d deep pockects for the cash they are throwing at the game.

In my city and country people use a certain site to track gyms, raids and all spawns. They know where and when which mon is, how good it is (IV) and just drive around catching one after another. Within 2 weeks of the 2nd gen III wave i already saw a 3600 slaking in one of our gyms…
On top of that people then have a whatsapp group where they report the insane spawns like a wild 3k cp Blissey or the 100%'s
One of my team instinct mates hunts 100% IV pokemon this way. To each his own. I’m not proud of it but i tried it once last spring for 2 days and got bored of it so fast fast i quit the game for 5 weeks, no fun in hunting that way IMO.
Now i just use the site to track gyms and raids.

So to sum it up: people can easily have good mons that fast.

see example:

Pokehunt in the Netherlands yes. Thats Oss :slight_smile:

Damn, that didn’t take long. I didn’t want to advertise for the site but you even figured out the city. I assume you’re from Oss aswell? Your name rings a bell…

Nah, Breda. I just recognized the street as dutch so i looked it up on google maps :stuck_out_tongue:


Maps for raid info are sweet. Pogo is real close with maps. If you have a mon in a gym and a raid happens there, you can see it. Idk how it works if you have more then 9 gyms mon’d. Tracker maps are only for desperate/last min resort times imo. Gym maps for raid info in a 30 mile radius would be the best(we are kinda rural)

There are huge debates that keep bubbling up in our PoGo communities about trackers & scanners & the difference between legit players using those & spoofers / botters (let’s not get into that debate here again).
But lots of people have Facebook chats, Discord channels, maps, scanners & peer groups who freely provide the whereabouts of perfect & good IV mons.
One guy at my work recently joined a messenger chat that posts exclusively 100% mons & in a week he went from less than 10 to over 50. I personally don’t see the point in his case because he has no stardust & now has an army of 100% mons that he’ll effectively never be able to do anything with :joy::rofl:
Play how you want to play, just don’t disadvantage others. I honestly don’t think having those tanks / meta Pokémon in gyms within 48hrs of them being released really impacts people that much now aside from putting a silouhette in your dex for a while.

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100IV Mons reported in these chats often have level 35, sooooo stardust isnt needed

We have a map in my area so it’s easy if you have a car. I use it to track raids and specific pokémon but sometimes I just find hot spawns. At one park before the gen3 spawn nerf I got 3 ralts during one hunt. On 2 separater days ralts spawned twice at traffic stops. Pinapping everything hot is critical. Oh and I just by chance of again being in the right place at the right time a perfect IV weather boosted wailmer spawned up. We. Lost. Our. Minds. I woke up one early morning and was greeted by a high CP torchic with an even higher IV.

You just have to hunt man. If you hunt you will be rewarded.

Then there’s spoofing… SMH