General Chat - Glitched pokemon from quest rewards

Found this from a quest reward thing, anyone else get this? I cant catch him

He has a cp, even the ball is Glitched out

MISSingNO confirmed on da way next. Great find.

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You might probably get a chance to catch it again due to this glitch. I had that my Pokémon Encounter didn’t appear and I got my already completed Task back, so I guess that that will happen to you too

I have the same experience.

It occurred twice


Catch Missingno and get alotta rare candies?:thinking:those random encounters are broken!

@Atticus Are you spoofing?

Those were April Fools sprites. Close this thread.

That’s a glitch. Not a result for someone who spoofs.

That’s not true. It’s a glitch. I guess you can still get the glitch.

(I see the GPS Flyer spoofer app is active in some of these screenshots… anyway,) I occasionally get this glitch as well but you are able to run from the encounter and reclaim the complete research quest. That has fixed this specific glitch 100% of the time for me.

It’s not a ‘GPS flying spoofer app’ but Poke Genie, and that is an IV checker. That’s no spoof.

It was a statement not a question

You’re assuming what I was referring to so I’ll be specific… type the word “fly”, select to search “fly gps” (since it’s such a common spoofer-search) in an app store and then you can play match with the fly GPS app results that match the blue icon in the top left corner of the Numel screenshots; which is, again, a GPS modification app… geez.

EDIT: Like @Kevin260709 said to that post, " @Atticus Are you spoofing? " and the correct answer would have been ‘yes’, hence no further contributions from that person.

please are you serious

I know but the statement isn’t true, so I tried to tell you that, but you didn’t listen.

And again you say that it is a spoof app, but it isn’t. You can use THIS app (Poke Genie) to check the IV’s of the Pokémon. Idk if you know what IV’s are but I’m not going to explain that.
So: you can’t spoof with it, and isn’t even meant for that. @Kevin260709 thought the same, but he made a mistake. Maybe he’s never heard about Poke Genie.


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I was confirming your question since no one else did, in short I would just say I agree with you.

Fail. Like I said, it was a statement not a question. And the icon for the app is there which means the app is running. It’s ok if you still don’t know what all the app icons represent, I just happen to be familiarized with these things already. Staying oblivious, if you prefer such so much… so here’s a tldr reply since it seemed like it was also something you were hoping for… or needed… whatever. Enjoy.

dude… are you serious? :joy:

Let me guess you only read ‘no.’. I think that’s very true.


So you aren’t serious or something? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It was serious, you just didn’t pay attention while thinking I can’t read. I don’t care about pokegenie… obviously. I was referring to the “fly app - fake gps coordination” app icon you weren’t aware of. Now you know.

Edit: why are you continuing to reply again- you already dismissed yourself xD