Free to play vs Paid trainers

Free To Play vs Paid trainers

pokemon go is easily a very addicting game. Gyms give coins, with a cap of 50 a day.

Items don’t cost to much. 4 days of 50 coins can pretty mich get you what you need.

Paid trainers get any item and can stock up. Need eggs hatched? pay for more coins and buy incubators. Need a raid pass? simply pay and get 1 of those pokemon you so desperately need.

In the world of FTP vs P

Which side are you ?

I am Free to play, i used to pay for coins sometimes(maybe 5 times max) if the box was good. Now i simply don’t.

  • Free To Play
  • Paid
  • Depends if the box is right

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Free to play is better because it’s about the work you put and not just pay and pay. It’s about the experience of it all, use gyms to get your coins, need pokeballs, simple put on ur shoes and walk! I haven’t spent as penny yet and progressing nicely, just about enjoying the experience that it gives


I buy the clothing that would take over a month to farm coins for.
Local area thinks if a gym isn’t blue, it has to die instantly (I’m Valor aka annoying red people).
So I’m lucky to get an hour in the gym = 6 coins.

BTW Coins math for y’all.
1 coin is earned in 10 minutes, 6 per hour.
8 hours and 20 minutes between 1 or more pokemon together gets 50.
if 2 pokemon get 4 hours and 15 minutes in their gym, you get 50. Providing they don’t go past midnight and start the count over.

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I have never spent money :joy:


I farmed all my coins for my clothing. I got the 500 coin hoodie.

edit- Valor the best.

Mystic probably rich af tho. But they war themselves which is self destructive.

I m lucky can get 300 coins and not have much effort at all. If in mood to push about 500, the villages around me have empty gyms too. Could just jump on train to next village I suppose it split my work computer on the way home.

I rarely get coins, 20 a week if I am lucky.


atm i am at 485 coins. All from gyms. I spent alot on incubator/raid passes a couple weeks ago. Left me with about 30 coins so you can say i really depend on the gym coins.

I need many coins, for storage.

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i really like the “clothing” i bought all off of gym battles. I feel like i earned the cool clothing. Tbh i never see anyone wearing anything nice other than my cousin who was getting coins the same way i was.

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I have never bought clothing :sweat_smile:


First things first more storage and more pokeballs!! Rural and city have both got disadvantages, rural is your never going to do a level 3 raid but going to get masses of coins for defending gyms. Urban is your never going to get many free coins but you ll beat 3 4 5 level raids.

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I have 420 pokeballs + , 220 great balls, and 100 Ultra.

Wow, lol, I have 27 normal and about 18 of the ultra but can go through biggest part in an hour lol, every where is just teeming with Pokémon and now I just look for the ones stronger then the ones I have, and I evolved my pidgey to a pigeotto

As you level up, upgrade your bag and of course prioritze stops over everything.

Thanks for the advice, I m going into town, I noticed this morning on way to work, all buildings on the blue badge walk has a stop or gym on it, historic town like Ilkley there’s about 30 in half mile :star_struck::star_struck: should be a bumper pick up!!

I never spend money to buy things in games. There are way better things I could buy.

I work hard for my money so has to be really justified to spend it, I ve had same vac for 8 years, but still works better than when I first got it. No need to spend on any game. Do the work and get the rewards

I think there should be a better way of getting coins. I have a Pokemon sitting in a remote gym for over 400 days and I don’t get coins for that. There should be some bonus for holding gyms so long. Also we should get coins from gifts, research, level ups and completing badges.

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400 days???