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Free to play vs Paid trainers

Yes, I put it there maybe 2 weeks after the gym rework.

Oh… longest for me was three months but I requested for removal.

Mine came back this morning after 10hrs with 50 coins, 100 sand too and no damage. Have u been back to collect it incase they didn’t reset the parameters on already placed pokemon

I used my only digital money ever to get 550 pokecoins

Uh thats cool.

Best thing about the nearest pokestop, it’s at top of a massive field where I walk dog, 3 laps = 3 spins lol hardly ever gives gifts tho it’s like one in 6 when it gives a gift but one near the posh church gift every spin buy only get that one twice a day

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Thats cool, how far from where you live is the closest pokestop.

25 meters and 150 m around field after first collection lol. Nearest gym is 150 m but always empty and that’s where my Mr mime is just collecting coins for me :yum::yum:

So it takes like a minute to walk there?? :astonished::astonished::astonished:

Yes and about 15 mins to collect it 3 times. All 6 gyms are on a circular walk for me which takes about an hour and half and loads of stops too so prob go up to 2hrs


I have to walk for 5 minutes to see a pokestop on my map :upside_down_face:

Lol, that’s hardship, 15 mins walk and get growleth galore!! Where u live is just village and fields around, near the pokestop I have about 4 different Pokémon, zigzagoon, whismer, murkrow and wooper!!

I not u silly auto correct

I have good pokemon at my house though.

Mine is wooper and zigzagoon get then showing few times while I transfer some to make space

I’ll spend money on good Ultra boxes, for me it’s not worth spending money on a new shirt

It depends how much money u have coming in with it, if I do all 10 tomorrow that LL be 500 and that’s with the only 2 I can see from the train, burley and addingham are elderly areas too but they are old farming villages, so have few points of interest where the pokestop LL be placed. So 500 daily is 3500 a week eventually will have a full backpack and will need to spend money on other things too

i like my fit.
Always swagged up.


Yep you look awesome in that.

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Not anymore though. My area used to be good for coins because the gyms could stay for weeks. With no other team players to take them down, we all got lots of coins. The new gym system means I struggle to get gyms taken down. I have noticed gyms being taken down slightly more often than before but still not much. For the celebi quest, I expect to be stuck on stage one for a while. Beating a raid and taking down gyms are both really rare things to happen. At least there’s no “beat a legendary raid”. I’d have to wait until I was on holiday next to get a celebi and that might not be until next year. Either way, old coin system good, new coin system bad.

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