Evolution advice needed

Looking for some evolution opinions from you guys.

Currently have three good IV Machops and I am in desperate need of a good Machamp. The problem is Machop is a very rare spawn in my area. I’m closing in on enough candies to get another but which should I evolve? Two are almost maxed out but lower IVs than my best one. Which would be the best investment?

I’d go for the higher IV one. Long term better investment and i’d go for the long term.

The difference in max CP isn’t that huge though, Machamp 100 IV maxes out at 2889 and 87 IV would max out around 2830. If Machops become a little more common I’d definitely go higher IV, but on a short term basis (me having a serious lack of good fighting types) getting that 87 IV with a good moveset would be a huge bonus.


then you’ve given yourself an answer to your own question. If you feel candy is too hard to get, go for the higehr level one.
Just before checking back here i was thinking about my Kyogre issue, 91% weatherboosted versus 93% normal. Same issue as candy is gone in a little over a week and i only caught 24 kyogres (out of 36). So save rare candy and lose 1 IV or spend more dust and candy for that 1 more IV? I’m going for the 93% one (assuming i don’t get a better one). Long term better.
Issue for me is that at some times we have low numbers of players at a raid. last friday i did a 6 man kyogre with 60 seconds left, which surely is nothing special, but most players are too scared too even try it. Only reason we yolo it is becauase of power upped high IV mons. Point in case: that’s why I rather spend more on a high IV pokemon; that tiny bit of extra CP/IV can make a difference

To each his own. But you basicly answered your own question, you need a machamp and can’t wait for more candy, thus the 87%.

P.s. Sorry for the boasting about my Kyogre’s :smile:

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The highest IV might not always be the best. Check wich one has the highest Attack value. Id level a 15-10-10 Machop over a 14-14-14.

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Best advice is just above.
Go the highest CP you have that has 15 as the Attack stat or if none are 15 go the one that has the highest Attack stat.

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The 93 IV has perfect HP and Attack, so you’re saying that’s definitely the best choice?

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Thanks for the input, I think I’ll try gather a few more candies and then maybe dump some rare candies into it as well and try evolve two. Also, the sentence “Only caught 24 Kyogres” hurts me so much :joy:

I dont have one kyogre

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A little patience can do great things. Still, if you feel you really need a machamp now, go for it (the lower IV one). Otherwise i’d wait and pick the higer IV one.
Also Rob’s comment is very good, if by some odd way the lower IV one has bigger attack IV as the other one the choise is already made then.

And again sorry for the boasting

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I don’t have one legendary

Out of interest, what is the best Kyogre you managed to get? I’m always intrigued to see people’s best legendary catches

Bad quality i know, but i had to improvise and be quick. I’m at work…
Hope it shows okay.

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That is an outrageous collection, respect!

ONLY CAUGHT 24?!?! Thats crazy i did my first today and he ran away

I have one Suicine and no other legendaries. We have barely any raid groups and it is hard to find one.

Go for the best CP

What app is that?

If your 93% has an Attack Stat of 15 and none of those big CP ones have a 15 Attack Stat then yes, evolve that 93%.
If one of the big CP ones has 15 as an Attack stat and you need strong Machamp now for battling than evolve that one but done use any Dust/Candy powering it up further than what it evolves in to.


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