Elite 4 themed quest

Should there be a “battle” themed quest. Sort of like the catch Mew quest. But revolves around more battling and will have Elite 4 themed battles. Every checkpoint would be an Elite 4 member.

Throw your own ideas into the mix to get the Elite 4 into Pokemon Go.


It would be hard for people who don’t have many gyms near them

People who like battling have raids and ex-raids… Why they have to give them more again and the rurals have no compensation? The idea of the quests was to compensate a little bit the playing styles…

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if the only problem is rural players and lack of gyms then your avoiding the idea.

Forget lacks of gyms and think genuinely on the idea of Elite 4 themed battles and quests.

The lack of gyms is another Niantic problem.


The same I could say… forget that Niantic will change the amount of Gyms and think about ideas how everybody could play with what are installed…

It would basically be quests but specifically focused on battling

The topic is about elite 4 theme quest. Not a bout helping players play.

Ex Raid and raids are for capturing mainly.

In elite 4 battle you get no pokemon except you’ll get to battle, stardust, xp and the thrill of beating a set of strong pokemon. Making this about rural or lack of gyms has nothing to do with this topic.

Thats another subject and topic that has been brought up and done nothing about.

I would love fighting all ice, dragon, ghost.
Or have to use certain pokemon to beat a harder trainer.

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You don’t seem to take criticism of your ideas very well. The issues raised are factors that need to be considered and saying they’re irrelevant to the topic and stamping your feet when people bring them up defeats the purpose of a message board

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Looking at one group instead of the idea gets no where. Might as well make a topic complaining no gyms in rural areas. Which is pointless since this is not a Niantic Message board.

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The idea is a fresh idea to have more types of quests. Easily other ideas stated on this forum such as Pokemon centres and just more gyms in general in many areas is a different topic. Yall who come here often are just stuck with the same shitty ideas.

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I like the idea of adding the Elite 4 characters as quest. An agree that you should think more on the idea it’s self and less on how niantic has railroaded Rural players. Thats another topic.

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Another topic broughten up many times :sleeping::man_shrugging:t5:

Imagine fighting Lance and his dragons!

I think it’s an interesting idea, but personally I wouldn’t want a pkmn go event like that, for me it wouldn’t be worth battling trainers that I’ve battled in the games multiple times with a limited scope (only two attack’s and dodges) only to get xp and stardust. But once again that’s just me.

Love that idea, maybe they could even make their own characters so that it doesnt feel as repetitive as @Ryan21 said


@5GodLink That would be awesome. And it wouldnt have to be in gyms. Just like mew and moltres encounters dont happen in gyms/Raids, They can happen as wild encounters. The individual Special quests would be like “power up 5/6 pokemon to level ??” , and “TM 5/6 Pokemon” and if they brought PVP into the game “Battle 5/6 Pokemon Against your Friend” once you have done all that and basically built your Best 5/6 Battle Pokemon then you would have your First Encounter Lorelei and her Ice Types(or Whoever) and So on


@SkyTrainerJesse these quests are impossible. You can’t get TM’s everywhere. And btw something with 6 won’t happen, I feel that.

He Did just ask for Ideas. And that’s what i gave him. this is my first day on Hub and I’m surprised anything gets said around here with all the negative Nancy’s. It doesn’t have to be six and it doesn’t have to be TM’s. Just putting ideas out there.
I would like to hear your Idea’s.
Don’t worry I’ll wait. (I have my notifications on) :joy:


Furthermore I like your ideas, actually.

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Exactly you don’t need “Gym” could be a encounter like the wild pokemon.

I had the jist of the idea just needed improving and not negativity on the idea but how to actually make it reality.

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Could actually have some hard ass quests to meet the Elite 4

  • have “x” amount of gold gyms
  • win “x” amount of gym battles in a day(week/month)
  • win without pokemon fainting
  • win without switching
  • gym streak
  • have “x” amount of gyms at a time

Do this then fight first “Gym leader” must beat 8 gym leaders before reaching “Elite 4”

Would take longer than Mew quest. Make it like 1 gym leader a month or hard enough that no one gets 6 badges in 2 weeks.

So many possibilities. Get your thinking caps on. I can see Niantic adding this if thought throu.

This would motivate them to do PVP. Would if the “2 moves that been in the game from the start” bores you.

Yes ill defend my ideas. Yes your
opinion is yours. Also this is the internet. But like i said ill defend a good idea( got a problem dont post in my “”"""'MANY"""" topics on this forum)

#BringGYMLEADERS #BringElite4

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