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Elite 4 themed quest

wow. Looks like a plan. God’s plan.

All of those are interactions with gyms

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Well atleast 50% would probably have to be gym interactions. Must i list all the quests we already have to make a Gym leader interaction happen…?

Please list quests.

What about PvP?

I’m talking about current features

Even then, its centered around battling, and the reward is a battle

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We are different from the actual other Pokemon universes, we could have all new gym leader an elite4 never before seen.

This would be fresh and dynamic. Maybe tooo fresh for Niantic.


@5GodLink I think a mix of old and fresh new faces would be cool. And maybe mixing up the reward system for beating them, like rare items and stuff instead of just exp. (for the players who have already hit the level cap)


Nice sounds good

Ive started to write a concept article which includes something similar to this. Hopefull ready in the coming days. If i cant get it loaded to the main site ill postnit here

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Amazing idea. As a nod to the original handheld games, the quests could be related to stuff you would normally have to do while travelling along victory road. which was partly a last chance to get some good Mons, but also a good chance at getting the last bit of XP and honing your skills. So quests could be related to having a certain amount of gym badges or Pokemon above a certain level. As the mew research quest has already added the requirement to be level 25 (citation needed, can’t remember the exact figure) so this time, you maybe need a team of pokemon also over level 25. Another easy quest could be to create a battle squad. Then add in some quests that teach new/young players about weaknesses/good matchups, so idk, maybe do 20 super effective charged attacks in battle. Ofcourse the prizes would also have to be related, so plenty of rare candies and TM’s. Firstly because they will be needed to do the quests, but also because that’s what you got most of on victory road in the original games.
Then at the end of the last 4 Special quests, you encounter one of the elite 4. And after you beat all the elite 4, the pokemon encounter could be Unknown maybe (as I know in atleast one of the games, you unlocked the unknown quest after beating the elite four.)

Apologies for the essay lol

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With Elite 4 themed battle quests, it can make trainers have more of a “story” to Pokemon Go and make trainers engage in more variety of battles.


I think it is a pretty nice idea.
At the current scenario Pokemon go clearly lacks any endgame.
So this elite 4 idea should be just the thing.


A story mode could definetly have all of this.

But I have a idea on Team Rocket that is a new series of quests.


This topic is locked, but more detailed version of my idea.

Refer to here for more details: Single Player Endgame : Gym Challenges

Are you working on it??
Or is it posted already??

I already have all the ideas and improvements from everyone. But I need a computer to post it, because I need multiple tabs of forum.pokemongohub.net in order to “publish” it.

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