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Hello everyone,

In order to complete the quests 4/8 - Evolve Eevee into Espeon during the day, is it guaranteed if evolve the eevee?
And about the Espeon during the night in the quest 5/8?


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Uhhh what?
Yes,its guaranteed that after 10 km Eevee evolves into Espeon at day and Umbreon at night


Don’t forget you still need to keep Eevee as your buddy when you evolve it during whatever time you need for it to evolve into espeon/umbreon


i messed up and didnt have as my buddy, luckly i had two eevee that i walked.


Here’s a technical question
To get Espeon, do I need to have 10km on the Eevee and have it as my buddy, or do these 10km HAVE to be walked since the last switch? (in other words, does walking 9.9km, switching it for something different,then switching back and walking the last 100 meters let me get an Espeon?


Also don’t forget to name your eevee Tamao for Umbreon and Sakura for Espeon :wink:

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That’s a good question…I don’t know, I’ll give that a shot with my non-shiny Eevees and let you know.

Thank you guys for the very detailed answers.

@Necrozmadabest funny thing is i tested that today.

Eeevee must have 10KM and be your buddy. I had a 20KM eevee and i forgot to put it back to my buddy came out vaporeon

So if i had switched it back i would of gotten Espeon, also the task is to talk “eevee” i walkee the vaporeon thinkin cause ill get eevee candy it would work. Issa no

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Don’t, it wont work. @Necrozmadabest you need to have it as your buddy and have walked 10k.


Well thanks for the info!! That’ll save me Eevee candy


I got your back :wink:

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By the way, the best time to evolve to get Espeon/Umbreon is right after you walk your buddy Eevee for 10.1 km and get two Eevee candies, why RIGHT AFTER? It’s because after you evolve your buddy Eevee, the buddy (Espeon/Umbreon) distance is reset to 0. Say if you walk your buddy Eevee for 10.9 km and evolve it, you will lose the 0.9 km. kind of effort waste, it did happen to me.

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Thanks for the tip, you could put it in the “Celebi TIPS to know” topic

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can someone help to move it? :sweat_smile:

I know that, but I mean if I havent walked 10km since Ive last switch buddies (so that the Eevee does have over 10km total, but didnt walk it all at once)

if the eevee has 10km on it simpy put it as buddy an evolve

Not when you are walking them. I gave my Eevees random names and they evolved into Espeon & Umbreon.

Buddies save the amount they walked. Once the bottom line says 10KM YOUR gucci.

The main buddy walk line is just for candy.

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Hmm but why should you change your buddy when you have yet to walk 100m only?