Eevee Community Day: Leafeon & Glaceon

As the Community Day(s) upcoming are two for the first time what makes the most sense is one day to be specific to Leafeon and the other to Glaceon.

When Eevee was announced instead of a 'mon like Cyndaquil/Tatodile/Chikorita or Mudkip/Aron/Beldum the community as a whole let out a collective yawn.

Most trainers have sufficient Eevee candy and have likely been storing a few choice ones for later upgrades. An additional move only means they would pick a time to evolve them for it at their location. There is no need to go and catch them whatsoever (save a shiny variant).

However, if the rules change up for evolutions to evolve on one day to Leafeon and the other Glaceon with a specific move there’s added incentive. Further, if the only guarantee of either of them save naming for one is on the community day the incentive is far greater.

The Community day could do this while including the current 5 possible evolutions with special moves for the other Eevees. Such as, instead of a guarantee Leafeon or Glaceon would be a percentage chance of 1 in 6 or so.

So, watch for a Gen4 chance as hinted at by Niantic to be upcoming this August Community Day! Take care, trainers! :slight_smile:

-Rasky Bukowski

That would be horrible to release Gen 4 Eeveeloutions after this Community Day.


I’m stating they’d release them during the community day. I think you may have meant that? I wouldn’t have thought of them doing this but it makes sense as they have it on two separate days and times. I can see them announcing just before hand something like, “and if you evolve on Saturday you have a chance it will evolve into Glaceon.” etc.

Maybe your community. In my city were excited for it. Eeveelutions are pretty fun and good budget pokemon, shinys even more so. It will be nice to see them in gyms.

As it stands, you dont need a seperate day for Leafeon or Glaceon. For now we only know Eevee will get a special move. So you can just save wichever Eevee you want for when Gen4 is released and then use whatever trick is necessary to evolve your favorite pick.


Lol noone in my community(of 3 people) is really happy and im annoyed

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What city, may I ask? It may depend on how frequently you can get them. They’ve always been abundant where I’ve lived and I have more than enough candies. I often see them as a possible catch and don’t bother since I have so many set up for future evolutions as it is. If the Community Day is just a special move and I can get it with what I already have I’m simply going to evolve a few on Saturday and ignore Sunday…

I got a lot of Eevees and I’m really excited to get the shinies. Really, I can’t wait!

They needed to do an Eevee day so Let’s go Pikachu doesn’t outsell Lets go Eevee, 5-1 on the Switch.

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Why is eveyone so excited for eevee?

For me, it’s because Eevee CD brings a lot of new shinies in the game, and because 3 evolutions of it have yet to come in the game.

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Because soon it will be able to evolve into 7 different Pokemon.

Who says niantic will release new eevolutions?

I mean in CD
@bobbyjack8 said soon

Niantic confirmed gen IV is on its way to the game.
Maybe @bobbyjack8 meant after the CD.
Personally, I think Glaceon & Leafeon will be in the game after the CD. But we don’t know if we’re speaking about Niantic.

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All I was saying was that it would not be good if Gen 4 was released after we had the Eevee weekend because there are 2 new Eeveeloutions that come with Gen 4. I’ve been stockpiling high CP Eevees and candy just waiting for Gen 4.

I wasn’t aware of 'Let’s Go Eevee" and didn’t think of that as a rationale. Thanks!

I’ve also been stockpiling for the Gen 4. I have no need to evolve any more Eevees with what I have now unless the special move is something which would catapult them to being more useful.

Youre annoyed about everything lately… You should reflect on that.


Eevee, Charizard, Dragonite alll fantastic CD.

Why? Cause these are the most original Pokemon and are Gen1.

Eevee has the most evolutions you gotta love that!