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Eevee Community Day: Leafeon & Glaceon

“Somewhere” in The Netherlands.
Eevee isnt rare here either. I got 2 100%'s and a 96% lined up for that CD (or whenever if they dont get special moves). But its just fun. 5 (maybe 7) new shinys. Not to mention 6 hours of 3x capture stardust.

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What am i annoyed about


I don’t think anybody would be angry if this were to happen. Can’t see someone saying, Oh? It can evolve into Glaceon as well? That sucks. I’ll just transfer to the professor for an eevee candy if that happens…etc.

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Honestly eevee is cute as pikachu an pichu these days. But is much more cuter because CUTE AND FLUFFY! ~ stitch.

Couldnt help that. But true. Now question is how are they gonna come up with evolving eevee to sylveon? Now that would be a challenge. But i have a idea.

If they did a major update on pokemon like for touch screens tapping or sliding finger to pet a pokemon once a day or once every 3 days. Friendship or happiness… I think it would be the same will build. Idk ideas for the benefits for maxing out friendship with pokemon. But for eevee to evo into sylveon. Requires max friendship or happiness which only works one time. Limit getting sylveon. Must be buddy to pet an build friendship with. They creators will think of something for maxing out friendship or happiness with pokemon.

But this is for eevee. Glaceon and leafeon? I dont know i rather be surprised. Then find out later.

What do you think? n.n


Honestly I’m happy about Eevee CD because I like Eevee more than pikachu or dratini or pretty much any of the other CD, and I’m happy that it’s 2 days because I have an 8 hour class on the Saturday and would have missed out on Eevee community day

I’ll be driving home from vacation on Saturday, then I have to work that Sunday. So my Eevee hunting time will be limited both days. But I have 6 strong versions of all 5 Eeveeloutions released so far. I also have 18 high CP Eevees standing by waiting for Gen 4. Almost 1500 candies also. So really the only thing I might miss out on is special move or shiny. Happened to me on Bulbasaur day, and I was still okay.

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The question is, who did actually yawn?
Eevee is getting the move anywaýs, and 6 hours of shiny Eevee and triple dust is amazing

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Triple xp>Triple stardust> 1/2 hatching distance

My opinion. So eevee CD is good!


I yawned
I only see this as a small smal small chance to get another 80iv+ eevee

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I will have 190 dollars next month. Left over after paying bills an rent. So ill spend some money for lunch when i walk each day mon-fri around the area i go hit alot of pokestop an catch water pokemon. Maybe few ghost which i seen around. Mmm chinese buffet.

I think as of now it’s triple stardust and 3 hour lures. They could always add more. I’m not sure about the 1/2 hatching distance or triple XP.

I need more stardust! I’d be happy with them increasing the time on star pieces as well.

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Ill be glad with the stardust event. With eevee going on next month. I have two friends where i live will trade pokemon with me. I going to trade my one shiny articuno. Keep the other an original. To my friend for a shiny charizard. Blue flames. Black/blue skin type. He says he has it. But ill check first. If not ill see what other shinies he may have that is worth my articuno shiny. If not ill just trade my original articuno for his mewtwo he got. That i do know he has.

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You didn’t play for charizard CD? What about larvitar and squirrel? Be sure to play for eevee and the others.

No i didnt get the chance when that charizard event came out. I wasnt on pokemon go at that time.

No way ill miss out getting eeveelutionary shinies. Ill makes sure ill get at least one of each. If its a shiny eevee ill just keep it. The normal eevees ill evo til i get pyro shiny, rainer shiny, and jolteon shiny. First. Then while im trying ill have tamao first as buddy for 10km walk. Then by time of sakura walk i should have all three shiny types. But its gonna wear me out to get shiny umbreon. I might skip out on sakura till i get a shiny umbreon. Once i do. Then i will go to sakura for walks. Till i get shiny one. Then ill have complete set. I just one of each is all.

Then once im done ill just go rest then raid an battle gyms. Spin alot. I got me three metal coats today by spining i lost count of pokestops. An one kings rock. Now i just need two sun stones. Make that three sun stones. Forgot the other pokemon. An one more kings rock for slowpoke. Other kings rock is for poliwhirl.

I saved up over 300 eevee rare candies. n.n so ill keep on going save more.

@Lucario just get the shiny eevee during the event and walk them later. Walking eevee now to earn candies is a good idea ( I know you are :sweat_smile:). It’s not like you need the exclusive move

@pokemon i didnt say now. I said i will do it. When the event starts saved up alot if eevee rare candies. So im set for when the event starts.

Thats because eevee is cute on my shoulder. For style look. So it has tamao name woo hoo. But still its cute on my shoulder.

All I’m saying is that you have until you die to walk the shiny eevees to get umbreon and espeon. It doesn’t have to be during the event. Pretty sure you said you would walk 10km each day and it’s rather hot in Florida…

I drink a gallon of water carry it with me. Never run out since there is convient restraunts that gives free water.