Does this mean Spoofers are here to stay?

After reading this article from the hub ( there is one main conclusion to be made.
That conclusion is that Niantic cannot stop Spoofers for good. That’s all I have to say.

As he said.Every game has cheaters(well here are spoofers).
World of Warcraft even today has cheaters/botters ect. and they are fighting them same is for Niantic.

So i would suggest just to ignore them like i do.
They dont need our attention at all.


I’m pretty sure Niantic have tried their best to prevent spoofing. It’s too hard for a game company to stop spoofer from spoofing in 100%. To maintain a better quality of Pokemon Go, new features and systems can also be useful ways. Don’t be too harsh on Niantic. They’ve done a lot in the 1st year on such kind of things. It’s time now for Niantic to focus on the game internal development.

Maybe you’re right @JoshHack, Niantic are unable to prevent spoofing totally and devide the game into 2 versions. (1 for legit players and 1 for spoofers) At last we will get 2 individual player base with no actual communication. That means we won’t see debates between spoofers and legit players anymore.

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Ya but Ingress had many if not the same exact problems… so we can stand to be a little harder on them.

Haha we can only depend on Niantic’s attitude towards spoofers.

If niantic data shows spoofers are spending money on the game, then they aren’t going to do anything. It has been shown that other apps like uber can block third party gps spoofing apps, but for some reason niantic can’t do it for their game? I don’t believe that, I believe they don’t want to do anything more than pretend they’re taking steps to address the issue. They’ve embraced these bums basically since the beginning


I think your right on the money there (yes pun intended :smiley:)

Niantic are playing both sides of fence in that they do something to appease the despise Spoofers camp and don’t block Spoofers out totally so they keep playing and spending $$$.
They get grossly wrong one way or the other and they lose a lot of $ from one of the playing camps.
Yes some will leave from both side but the majority remain and play while complaining about it.


So because they are paying Niantic can’t afford to lose them?

Have you considered that Niantic will lose paying customers who play without cheating because they get frustrated they can’t keep up with those that do cheat?

Cheating or not, typically developers get bent out of shape when you don’t play the game the way they intended it to be played.

They stand to lose more money from legit customers. Because the cheaters aren’t being frustrated by, griefed by, or dominated by those god awful rule followers. Damn those goody 2 shoes! No if either camp is going to destroy the experience and consume the other… its the spoofers.

I wish this forum let others label you… its pretty clear who the spoofers are…

There are plenty of other Pokemon games you can play from your mom’s couch.


Wow! You misunderstood Josh in the past and for now Rex does the same way on you. It’s kinda funny to admit that spoofing is the root cause of mistrust between you guys. Hey! We’re here to discuss about Pokemon GO and how to improve it but not here to debate based on spoofing! We need constructive comments on forums! @Thorend will be upset because of this situation.

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From the source given by Go Hub

Question #67: Why doesn’t Niantic ban all bots and spoofers?

Q67: Florin Bogdan – How come there are still bots in use? And of course fake gps. I’m thinking to quit the game since all my possible guardians are taken down in fake.

A67: The short answer is that it is a very complex problem without a simple single way to resolve it. We close loopholes and exploits all the time but we clearly don’t have all of them, and honestly, I’m not sure it will be possible to ever stop cheating 100%. This isn’t something unique to Ingress. A lot video games have some level of cheating that is possible. There have even been scandals in the competitive gaming circles with professional gamers being caught cheating. Don’t give up. We aren’t giving up on the fight. Maybe focus on something other than your guardian for a little while. Ingress has many ways that it can be played and enjoyed.

Try to get the real message from this dialogue @RexPartysaurus. They’ve got an idea same as mine. (Working on the game’s internal development first)

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I read the article. Niantic faces the same struggle that any game faces, single player, multiplayer, or online.

Blizzard for example has had some interesting insight on cheating/cheaters. You essentially have 2 groups of cheaters those that care about their accounts and temporary bans/punishment is usually enough to get them to “tow the line”. (Meaning they aren’t repeat offenders, they correct the behavior) The other group of cheaters for which money/time is no object. Sure you can perma ban them… but they’ll just create a new account and start all over (this time with better cheats). There isn’t a solution that can be applied once and never have to bother with it again. It is a constant battle.

In the article/interview Niantic recognizes this, and commits to fighting that battle.

What frustrates me and why I responded to @HeracrossVille is the apathy toward cheating/spoofing post gym rework and the addition of raids.

The changes Niantic has made to the game have been huge hits to cheaters and the reasons for WHY they cheat. But they are still here. While us “normies” have a fighting chance. We are also very much in this “battle” against cheating.

Personally I deal with a pack of 6+ spoofers at the gym near my home at a local park. At work I have 9 gyms within walking distance and have confirmed 2-3 spoofers dominating gyms there.

This idea that spoofers benefit the community or game, or that Niantic NEEDS them and the money they do spend is BULLSHIT. Its a lie fabricated by those that want to continue to cheat the system.

(1) Of the spoofers I struggle with on a daily basis… they have never come to my aide during a raid as “air support”. So all they have done is monopolized a gym and taken away my gym control bonus.

(2) Assuming any of them DID actually show up when needed. If they happen to catch whatever it is/was we were raiding, it reduces my chances and the chances of everyone else who showed up to catch it… of actually being able to catch it.

(3) I can’t even be competitive in CATCHING regular pokemon. There is a discord feed in my area ($10 subscription/donation) there are people in my hometown that have 100 IVs of EVERYTHING you can imagine. At level 34 the highest IV I have after playing the game legit for over a year is a 93.

So how does that work? Does that app that reports locations, spawn times, and spawn durationgs, IVs and movesets… use a bunch of different bots to constantly comb the region and report back findings? Does gym control and monopolization have something to do with it? Allowing them to triangulate or report pokemon near to the gyms they control?

I don’t know… I’m not a tech guy. All I can say is that they (spoofers/cheaters) are just as much a problem TODAY as they were back when you could stack a gym full of 2800+ Blissey. Also despite the fact that Niantic has removed nearly all motivation for 100% gym dominance 100% of the time… spoofers are still doing just that… why? There has to be SOME reason for it. If not they’re JUST being assholes for the sake of being assholes… griefing legitimate players/trainers.


Oh my God yo are saying what we are all thinking. You took the time to write this and I love you for it. Stay awesome. I used to deal with a group of over 25 spoofers and me and my friends just gave up but now there’s only a few taking gyms because there is no longer a point apart from gym control and badge level but the spoofers I play with realized that they’d benefit more if they stuck with Santa Monica for raiding and catching. The reason they stuck around before this was because of coins but ever since the new gym system they only need one gym.

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I’ve noticed spoofing in Pokemon Go is a cycle over this year. If their objectives are just to collect pokecoins by dominating gyms, then what’s next?

The cycle is: (snipping → upgrade the top tier Pokemon → take over the gym → collect the maximum amount of pokecoins → create new account → snipping…)

I’ve been wondering whether spoofers are waiting for the release of trading system to generate money.

Trust me: Search for Spoofers on Twitter, Ebay, Craigslist and you’ll notice on thing. They all sell their services to others.
If you want someone to get you an Entei, ask a Spoofer, he’ll charge you (IDK, like £5.00£ some sum and 1 hour later…Bam! Enjoy your Entei.
Even people like Brandon Tan and Kuboyan, the 2 best PoGo players in the world offer a legendary catching service. Do many buy and sell, that’s why Niantic aren’t heavily policing these sales.

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Woah! What a money-making system! That’s why legit players claim that Niantic are forgiving spoofers because of the sales. Yeah I get it, spoofers are divided into 2 groups.(money-making or rather people with disabilities) You therefore realise people should be neutral on this topic as Niantic does.

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Too bad !:-1: How horrifying will trading system in Pokemon GO be?

That’s why I doubt we will ever see trading in this game. Example: rather than negotiating a ditto for an Unown (not a realistic trade, i know) you can buy an entire level 30 account for as little as £3.00 on Ebay. Seriously, look it up, it’s ridiculous and it makes many a lot of :moneybag:.

Argh real cash flow will make an appearance in trading system. If then, it might be a bad news to us (trading is in development and will be released very soon) stated by Niantic.

Much like Spoofing, Niantic cannot stop someone buying an account because it’s (in many ways) out of their hands. I guarantee when trading eventually comes out they would have to install some kind of Bluetooth system to make it work. Then people will find a way to manipulate Bluetooth…the cycle will never end.

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Spoofing is going to continue in the game as long as it remains relatively popular. Niantic is battling a legion of really smart people who work collectively to find ways to skirt the system.

in my opinion Niantic should spend more time addressing new content, game stability and making events work better and less time dealing with this problem. The worst thing that happens from spoofing is that you lose a gym or 2 or 10. I lose gyms to local people every day so to me that isn’t even really a bid deal.

Honestly I’m getting a little tired of all the petty bickering about it in the forums. We all know it violates the TOS and consequently is wrong. it gets old to see the same person stirring the pot and the same people getting mad and arguing back. I hope we can focus on more productive things than this.