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Deoxys Official EX Raid Discussion

@Ryan21 @Mew1 @apavlinovic @5GodLink @bobbyjack8 @Branebs @Mapman42 @JoshHack @Jormdeworm @Ryan21 and everyone else

Lol Deoxys is here!



apparently more info to come out tomorrow, im just wondering if they’re going to do all forms or if the EX raids is going to be normal form.

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Oh you saw it?

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when i went to the twitter link you posted for Beldum CD it was on their twitter feed, still thanks for tagging me :slight_smile:

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All the forms just got updated a few minutes ago:

All good Ryan, your welcome :grin:.


Aw jheez

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Whats wrong 5God


Gonna be a crazy hunt for these 4

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Maybe they will add speed.

The info comes out tommorow @everyone

Not sure how I feel about Deoxys tbh.
I don’t know enough about it to know if it’s something I must have because it’s very useful or just another collection Pokemon?

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Hopefully we will know the stats by the end of tommorow.

From what ive heared about it, its pretty much just a collectors item like Mew and Celebi.


Just ran into this :dizzy_face:

Sorry if double post, mods delete if so. Ty!

Given Deoxys current stat, it’s more of collector’s item than meta relevant.

Will each of its 4 forms be given as random or rotate by regions in the world?

i can see rotate, maybe do like a couple months normal form, then starting 2019 start rotating other forms by regions

Stats will get better :sweat_smile:

Even with improved stat, will it be the best among its types?

With Phscho boost and good stats maybe

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Deoxys is COOL!