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Current and highest stardust

I have 170k from powering up my Kyogre

In between update: the event starts in 21 hours for me. Over the last days barely played but already earned 33k dust extra, 268k total now. I have 4 10K eggs en 2 x 5k eggs running who will hatch during the event and plan on using a lot of starpieces tomorow.

So, 268k dust right now. Let’s see how ‘easy’ it is to farm some more dust and how much.

270K right now, saving up till I hit higher levels and get bigger pokemon to power up

Got 200K with Community Day

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Had almost 500K spent on dragonite now im around 350K

So: ended the event at 403k dust, made over 100k in those few hours.
Right now i’m already at 427k.

getting stardust is easy, even when no events are present. This whole discussion revolves around spending it. If you don’t spend, you can have millions in no time at all. My 427k will drop by 200k before this day is over, keeping my 235k backup as usual. Millions are far away for me, i like to powerup my mons :smile:

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Wish dust came even easier and some point of the day, catching pokémon gets stale.

If i have dust, i power up

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Back to just catching anything for dust.

Now I’m just below 200k from powering up my Sceptile

I always keep at a cache of 1 million dust. I have hit 2 before but spend a million on power ups after I got there. Timing was good because they had just rolled the legendary birds and in needed a golem army :grinning:

The reason people save and don’t spend it right away is the cost to power up a Pokémon at high levels is tremendous. It’s nearly 250K to power from level 20 to level 40. So that million dust is really only enough to max out 4 ‘mon of power 6-8 to reasonably high levels.


Not always, I keep loads of stardust because it looks nice to have a lot of it, and because there’s very few things I want/need to invest in.

My highest I ever achieved was like 750k and I’m at 430k now. I never go below like 350-400k stardust.


Yall are motivation!


Working on a dragonite now, after that ill power up the weather boosted 100% Kyogre i got today, then Rayquaza and after that i plan on Ho-oh or anything else usefull. I dont go over 10k stardust at the moment cause i just instantly spend it…

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Dont spend on Ho-oh right now, save him for when he gets good movey (stab quick moves and a good flying type move, BB is garbage)

Oh i know, i just like him. And his SB has a few good uses

Just over 200,000. I lack candies, not Stardust at the moment.

Back at 200k now

By no means my highest, but definitely satisfying